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Three snow scooters are following a snow trail in Vemdalen.
Snowmobile, Vemdalen, Härjedalen
Photo: Mikko Nikkinen/

Things to do


Choose from several types of safari ranging from way-out-there 5-day Arctic Circle safaris, rough terrain mountain safaris, and even family friendly safaris incorporating outings on Caterpillar.

What to expect?

Snowmobile safari can be tailored and can include wilderness lunches, dinner in Sami teepees, saunas, hot tubs, mountain lodges, campfires, ice fishing. You can also rally car, quad and cross bike on ice. Not a bad life.

Some tours suit beginners but you will need to be in good physical condition and have previous snowmobiling experience for the Arctic Circle and mountain snowmobile safaris if you want to make it to the other end in one piece.

It is also advisable to practice a flexible attitude as hazardous snow conditions or ‘unforseen circumstances’ may alter some plans on tour.


Forget the racy smalls. This is a time for thermal underwear. And pack your swimsuit for sauna and hot tub activity plus a toilet kit for, well, you know.