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Skate park
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Stapelbäddsparken skateboard park

In a former shipyard slipway lies the skateboard park Stapelbäddsparken – an oasis for skaters and a prime example of Swedish architecture co-created with citizens.

It was in fact the local Skateboard high school that first pitched the idea about the skate park in 2005, pointing out that it would be a great social hub for the young people of Malmö, which would be open for everyone and completely free to use. 

The park was designed by Swedish architect Stefan Hauser in collaboration with local skaters and the result was a 3000 square meter park consisting of a bowl landscape and skatable metal sculptures. 

Stapelbäddsparken is located only a stone’s throw away from Malmö’s famous skyscraper Turning Torso in the Western Harbour, a former industrial area of Malmö which is now a sustainable and attractive district in the city with plenty of interesting Swedish architecture and design.