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Three kids are playing on the porch of a summer house in the countryside.
Summer in the cottage, Gullspång, West Sweden
Photo: Clive Tompsett/


Summer house

We love our holiday homes and many of us have a cottage by the sea or next to a lake.

For the big city dweller getting away doesn't have to mean leaving the country or even the region. Because of Sweden's diverse landscape and archipelagos sometimes just going a few miles does the trick.

And there's nothing like sitting on the porch of a cottage or cabin, looking at the sunset over the still blue waters or peering through the forest, hearing nothing but the careful paw-steps of animals in their natural habitat or the wind caressing the tree tops. Sweden is a Mecca of different cabins and environments. At Swedish camp sites you can often find your dream cottage right by the sea or lake, in a forest or next door to your favourite activities. 

You can choose a cabin high on a mountain in northern Sweden or beachside somewhere along our vast coast. Rent a cabin in a "cabin village", close to the action of, for instance, the medieval town of Visby or all alone in the deep forest of Småland with the nearest neighbor a mile or two away.