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An artsy blue and white underground metro station in Stockholm.
Stockholm Metro art
Photo: Matton Collection/Johnér

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Stockholm Metro art

The Stockholm Metro is one gigantic art gallery. More than 90 of the 110 stations feature artworks created by some 150 artists.

For the price of a Stockholm Metro ticket you can see sculptures, mosaics, paintings, art installations, inscriptions and reliefs from the 1950s through to the 2000s at most Stockholm Metro stations.

At Stockholm's Central Metro Station ('T-Centralen', or 'Centralen' for short), check out the 1950s tiling and reliefs on the walls. At the exit of Kungsträdgården station (blue line) and the street Arsenalsgatan, you’ll see an archaeological dig consisting of ancient columns and details.

Solna Centrum station (blue line) stands out for its cavernous, bright red ceiling that seems to 'weigh down' on the platform. Meanwhile the walls of the station depict a spruce forest that is one kilometre long.

Our tip - for the price of a valid metro ticket you can join a guided tour of four or five stations with a Metro expert. If you're short of time, buy a ticket (valid for one hour from time of stamping) at T-Centralen and take the blue line to see the art at Rådhuset and Fridhemsplan stations.

As well as being a brilliant art exhibition the Stockholm Metro is a great way of getting around Stockholm and its suburbs.

Art Goes Underground

Author of film: AdamKTH

Pro tip! The page is a subway /metro map that lets you see upcoming departures for the station when you click on it.