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Aerial view over Stockholm
Photo: Henrik Trygg/



The beautiful capital of Sweden prides itself on being open to anyone and everyone. A curious city, eager to try anything that is new, anything that’s different. So, welcome to Stockholm, whoever you are!

Stockholm by numbers

  • 9 roof-top bars in central Stockholm.
  • 53 meters above water is Skinnarviksberget, the highest point of trendy Södermalm.
  • 183 900 people pass Stockholm's Central Metro Station every day.
  • 45 000 participants show up for Stockholm Pride each year.

Stockholm - where history and future merge

You might know that Stockholm is the second most prolific tech and start up hub in the world, second only to Silicon Valley. Stockholm attracts the most innovative people from all corners of the world and what meets them is a capital known for its beauty and closeness to nature. You are likely to see people both riding horses and stand up paddling while you wander the streets of Stockholm. Stockholm may be liberal and forward-looking when it comes to collective mindset, but it’s rich in history too. When in town, don’t miss out on the maritime Vasa Museum and the world’s first open air museum Skansen, both located on the island of Royal Djurgården.