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ArtScape Street Art, Malmö
Photo: Stephen Thompson

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Street art in Malmö city

Malmö isn’t just a city. It’s an art gallery too! The whole city has been transformed into an urban art exhibition with murals and sculptures all over town.

For the past years Malmö city has been transformed into a public art exhibition with international and Swedish designs. ArtScape is the non-profit organisation behind the initiative. The aim of the organisation is to challenge the perception of what a modern cityscape should look like and to promote more public art; because in their view, art shouldn’t be confined to only museums and galleries. Sweden’s first large-scale street art festival was organised by ArtScape in Malmö in 2014, where 15 street artists began transforming Malmö city into a public art gallery. Today you’ll find several murals and sculptures dotted out all over town.