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A boy runs down a wooden pier that has small boats moored to it.
Evening by the lake, Gullspång, West Sweden
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Facts and info

Travelling to Sweden? Here are some facts, figures and information about anything from weather, what to pack, visa and passports and how to get around in Sweden.

Climate and weather in Sweden

Is it always cold in Sweden? Where am I guaranteed to see snow? Are there polar bears in Stockholm? Find out all about weather and climate in Sweden and some tips of what time of the year to travel where. 

Photo: Hans-Olof Utsi/
In most parts of Sweden winter means snow; the further north one gets, the greater the chance of snow. Population density is lower compared to the south, and many jobs are found in forestry and mining.
Kiruna |
Photo: Hans-Olof Utsi/

Passport and visa to Sweden

Planning a holiday in Sweden? Find out if you need to get a visa to Sweden before your trip, how long your passport needs to be valid and any other useful informaiton about passport and visa for your visit to Sweden. 

A view from above of the Uddevalla Bridge in fog. There is traffic on the bridge and water underneath.
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/
The Uddevalla Bridge, here enveloped in fog, is a cable bridge in the province of Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden.
Uddevalla |
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

Shopper's guide to Sweden

Find out when shops are open, tips to find a bargain and information about tax free shopping in Sweden

Two women are in a designer clothing store, holding pairs of gloves.
Photo: Tove Freiij/
Shopping in Stockholm.
Stockholm |
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