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Aerial of Kosterhavet National Park with the ocean and islets.
Koster – a marine national park, Kosterhavet
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

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Sweden's Archipelagos

From the far north in Swedish Lapland, wrapping around the coastline of the deep south, before stretching up the west coast, there are thousands of islands where you can get a taste of island life.

Archipelagos in northern Sweden

The Stockholm archipelago and the West Sweden /Gothenburg archipelago are probably the most well known Swedish archipelagos. But northern Sweden has archipelagos too. Off the northern Swedish cities of Luleå and Piteå lie groups of islands in the Gulf of Bothnia, known for their natural beauty and unique cultural heritage.

The Archipelago of Östergötland

There is also the The Archipelago of Östergötland off the east coast of Sweden, which is actually three archipelagos: Gryt, and Tjust, St. Anna and Arkösund. Beautiful, verdant isles hug the east coast, while the outlying islands tend to be barren, rocky affairs. All are naturally gorgeous of course, with beaches, bathing spots, some with natural or guest harbours and a lively food scene. Accommodation options include hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, campsites and camping with your own tent.

South east coast archipelago

Sweden’s south east coast archipelago is 10,000 islands strong, stretching out from coastal towns Västervik, Oskarshamn, Mönsterås and Kalmar. The biggest island here is Öland, a favourite among Swedish holidaymakers for its sun, sea and fantastic white beaches/shallow coastal waters. Öland is also famous for its windmills, Borgholm Castle and ancient sites. The most southerly archipelago in Sweden is the Blekinge archipelago. This archipelago is made up of 1,650 islands, islets and skerries – from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east.