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Next to a lake with lush forest around, there's a traditional red cottage and a small red guest house.
Traditional red cottage, Korrö, Småland
Photo: Alexander Hall/

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Swedish Cabin Fever

Us Swedes are a strange lot. We enjoy feeling a bit miserable. This isn’t necessarily painful; instead it’s often more a bittersweet sensation of homecoming.

A general feeling of melancholy acts as a simple cure for all of life’s frustrations. It’s well known that being surrounded by nature is a short cut to emotional peace, and the extravagantly lush Swedish summer countryside is perfect for this. Few things are so evocative as seeing an ocean of colourful meadow flowers revealed as the morning mist is burned away by the sun. This is one of the reasons why summer cottages play such a major role in our lives. Written by Martin Genberg

About the writer

Martin Genberg is a Stockholm-based travel writer who loves to discover great food and hotels in the most surprising places. In the summers, though, you’ll likely find him traversing the Swedish plains, valleys and mountains in his tiny car, living in a tent or – where applicable – at friends’ summer houses.