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A table with white linen cloth is set with two cakes with whipped cream and strawberries and some coffee cups and dessert plates.
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Strawberry cake, Korrö, Småland
Photo: Alexander Hall/

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Fika is not just the Swedish word for a coffee break. It is much, much more.

What is Fika?

The fika is a serious business and twice a day companies in Sweden break for one.  The Capital of Fika can be found in West Sweden's Alingsås where they actually have a 'fika tour' of the cafés in the town. So what is it? Quite simply it is a hundred year-old tradition and national institution that most Swedes obey - preferably twice a day. Find out more about fika 

A happy child with an open mouth holding a cinnamon bun sits in a lap.
Photo: Susanne Walström/
A cinnamon bun is sure to make anyone happy.
Photo: Susanne Walström/

Strawberry cake and the taste of Swedish summer

If you want to know what Swedish summer tastes like, look no further than Swedish strawberry cake. For many Swedes, this cake is essential to midsummer and birthday celebrations. Read more about popular Swedish cakes 

Two cakes with whipped cream and strawberries.
Photo: Alexander Hall/
Traditonal Swedish strawberry cake is a typical summer cake and consists of fresh strawberries, jam, sponge cake and whipped cream.
Korrö, Småland |
Photo: Alexander Hall/