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Biking in a national park, Åsnen National Park, Småland
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Sydostleden biking trail, Växjö-Simrishamn

Looking for an active, yet varied holiday? Explore the diverse region of Småland from your bike on the popular Sydostleden trail.

Sydostleden is a 270-kilometre-long cycling trail stretching between the forests of Växjö and the coastline of Simrishamn in Skåne, in the far south of Sweden. The bike trail is mainly car-free and there are many beautiful spots to explore along the way. 

Why not start off by spending a few days in Växjö? This small town offers an interesting mix of award-winning Swedish restaurants, unique shopping and cosy streets. Once you’re on your way, make sure to stop at the Åsnen National Park – a unique lake archipelago in Småland, where you can cool off by taking a dip in the lake. Continue your journey on winding forest roads, past lakes and mountains, for as long as you like.