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Seen from above, a wooden table is set with a plate of potato pancakes and bacon, a jar of lingonberry jam and a glass of milk.
Potato pancakes
Photo: Magnus Carlsson/


Traditional Swedish food

Find out more about the history behind some of our Scandinavian food and baking traditions. Why not bake your own cinnamon buns or create a Swedish Christmas feast!

Recipe of the month

Gravad lax or cured salmon is a marinated salmon dish and along with smoked salmon it is hugely popular on the Swedish smorgasbord. Gravlax is often served with a mustard sauce called Hovmästarsås.

A tray with a plate of cured salmon with dill and a few drink glasses.
Photo: Magnus Carlsson/
Salmon is served at almost all traditional holidays in Sweden, such as Christmas, Midsummer or Easter. How the salmon is cooked varies though - it can be cured, smoked or grilled for example. It is often served with schnapps, accompanied by a traditional drinking song.
Photo: Magnus Carlsson/