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Wallby Säteri, Småland
Photo: Björn Wennerwald/Smålands Turism

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Wallby Säteri, Vetlanda

On the shores of lake Skirö lies the idyllic estate Wallby Säteri. The restaurant serves innovative Swedish cuisine, with influences from all around the world. This is the place to visit if you’re interested in experiencing Swedish food traditions.

The menu at Wallby Säteri changes with the seasons as all food is made from scratch, with ingredients sourced from the own farm or producers in the local area. You can taste the home-grown new potatoes and sweet vegetables in spring, with a smorgasbord of herring, snaps and songs. Or why not experience crayfishing and a Swedish crayfish party in the early autumn, or an outstanding Christmas buffet of Swedish dishes at the end of the year? The table is set after season, meaning you might enjoy your food outdoors under the stars, or in a historical dining room from the 19th century. 

Tempted to see more of the area? Pack your bags and stay overnight in an 18th century cottage or a newly built hotel room.