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Train of Thoughts by Carolina Falkholt, Wanås Art
Photo: Mattias Givell

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Wanås Konst, Skåne

Wanås Konst has a clear vision: contemporary art and culture for all.

 Everyone, regardless of background should be able to access and experience art, and the space is run by an independent, non-profit foundation. The setting fits this description perfectly – at Wanås you view contemporary art both outdoors in the forest and inside the gallery. 

The sculpture park and permanent collection, which includes 70 site-specific artworks by artists such as Ann Hamilton, Yoko Ono and Ann-Sofi Sidén, is a magical space that opens up thoughts about the Swedish way of life where “allmansrätt” – everyone’s right to access public space, the freedom to roam – has formed parts of our identity.