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A scene from the West Sweden archipelago with rocks and water, dotted with wooden cottages.
West Sweden archipelago
Photo: Lobster and Swan

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West Sweden. It’s a little bit different…

Welcome to the “best” coast. CNN Travel named Sweden’s West Coast as 'one of the ten great wilderness areas left in the world' – and they weren’t exaggerating.

Its mix of deserted islands and pretty coastal villages make it unique in Europe. You should go here for the lobster, oyster and other shellfish delights of the villages of Grebbestad, Fjällbacka and Lysekil, as well as safe kayaking among the sheltered isles. With more than 8000 islands to discover, seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions should also make your itinerary.

“Ready for more tales from our beautiful days in West Sweden? Lucky days spent full of hazy drives, summer showers, open roads and shimmering coastlines.”
Lobster and Swan

Don’t miss:

  • Making the most of the world-class seafood the region offers by indulging in a seafood safari on The Weather Islands
  • Getting up close and personal with the indigenous wildlife by kayak on the tranquil coastal waters
  • A fika stop at Gunnebo, a grand neoclassical house and gardens built by a wealthy merchant in the 1700s, and designed by Gothenburg’s famous architect Carl Wilhelm Carlsberg
  • Exploring the pristine woodland of Orust – either by bicycle or on foot – leaving enough time for a refreshing swim!
  • Visiting the magnificent, 700-year-old Läckö Slott castle – one of Sweden’s most recognisable historic attractions 
  • Watching the light fade from the sky from the comfort of a seafront hot-tub on the beautiful island of Fiskebäckskil