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Aerial view of apartment buildings in the Western Harbour district in Malmö.
Western Harbour, Malmö, Malmö, Skåne
Photo: Aline Lessner/


Western Harbour, Malmö

Western Harbour is on the shoreline of the Öresund Sound and sits on what used to be the Kockums shipyard.

The city of Malmö took on this formerly contaminated, run-down area and working with internationally renowned property developers and architects, has turned it into a paragon of sustainable living and working. And an exciting place to visit.

Sustainability and quality of life top the agenda at Western Harbour. 

Quality of life is expressed here in the daring architecture of its residential, business and civic properties, and in the attractively laid out canals, ponds and watercourse, as well as green spaces (some on top of the buildings here) for you to enjoy. And taking full advantage of its location by the water, the beachfront here is packed with restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs, and bursting with life, especially in the summer months.

Take a walk along the shoreline for stunning views of the 8 km-long Öresund Bridge that arches towards Denmark. The landmark Turning Torso building is also here, rising 200 metres above this new, green, waterside cityscape of apartment and office buildings, beaches and beachfront.

The city of Malmö is world-leading in sustainable city development