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Kayaking in Bohuslän, West Sweden
Photo: Henrik Trygg/


West Sweden

West Sweden stretches north from Gothenburg to the border with Norway along the Bohuslän coast, and winds its way back inland through the wilderness of Dalsland and the beautiful landscape of Västergötland, located between Sweden's two largest lakes Vänern and Vättern.
  • CNN Travel ranks the Bohuslän archipelago the 7th most beautiful natural wilderness area in the world
  • The Swedish Capital of Fika can be found in Alingsås, West Sweden
  • You can see the Big Five on a safari - a seafood safari that is, where you see, catch and even cook prawns, mussels, oyster, langoustine and lobster
  • Every year in March / April, tens of thousands of cranes gather at Lake Hornborga to rest, dance and feed.

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