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With roots in pagan times, Midsummer is a celebration of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, but it is also a celebration of life and love.
Photo credit: Faramarz Gosheh/imagebank.sweden.se

Midsummer in Sweden – a cherished tradition

The successful midsummer never-ending lunch party formula involves flowers in your hair, dancing around a pole, singing songs while drinking unsweetened, flavoured schnapps. And downing a whole load of pickled herring served with delightful new potatoes, chives and sour cream. All in all, a grand day out.

When is Midsummer?

Originally June 24th. Now Midsummer Eve is celebrated between June 20th-25th. Midsummer in 2020 is on the 20th of June.

Where can you celebrate Midsummer?

Skansen, public parks, gardens, summer cottages, in fact, anywhere in Sweden will do as long as it is outdoors!

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Midsummer flower crown

Midsummer is one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden. People traditionally pick flowers and create their own floral crowns which they wear throughout the day. It is also said that if you place seven types of flowers under your pillow at midsummer, you will dream about your future spouse.

Photo: Alexander Hall/imagebank.sweden.se

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Midsummer flower crown

Photo: Alexander Hall/imagebank.sweden.se


Photo: Christian Ferm/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

Flower wreath

Photo: Alexander Hall/imagebank.sweden.se


Photo: Carolina Romare/imagebank.sweden.se

Midsummer celebration

Photo: Stefan Berg/Folio/imagebank.sweden.se

Who can celebrate midsummer?


How to do Midsummer like a local

Get invited by a local. You will probably go to someones summerhouse ('landställe') which will ensure you get the full experience.

If you're not lucky enough to get an invite, a safe bet to celebrate with Swedish friends (that you don't know yet) is visiting Skansen in Stockholm or visit a public park. 

For a really traditional celebration, Dalarna is the place to be. They arrange multiple events leading up to the big day. In Gothenburg, the festivities is at Gunnebo castle and gardens.

Midsummer in Dalarna
Traditional Midsummer celebration in Dalarna. Photo: Lars Dahltröm

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies