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Ice skating
Sweden is an ice skater’s dream; crisp, cold winters and a ridiculous amount of lakes (almost 100,000) and rivers, many of which freeze over in a mirror of natural ice in wintertime.
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Stockholm Unexpect

Restaurant in Stockholm.
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Discover Stockholm’s Food And Culture

Do you boast of taste buds, both seasoned and brave? Count on Stockholm to tantalise your palate and take you by surprise! The city’s food culture is a concoction of some of the most loved global delicacies and a variety of traditional and local dishes. The fresh sea trout and salmon from the Baltic sea is something you can only crave for in other European cities. Discover Stockholm’s Food And Culture.

Outdoor summer club
Trädgården is an outdoor summer club located under the Skanstull bridge in Södermalm.
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Explore Stockholm’s History & Music scene

It’s not often that is a city can claim to be the ace of spades when it comes to boasting a glorious music scene and an even greater history. Stockholm doesn’t have to. The city which was once ruled by Vikings and Warships, melodically passed on the torch to numerous modern day pop stars. Home to renowned artists like Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and metal bands like Opeth, the city is a wonderland for audiophiles, with numerous summer music concerts and outdoor gigs taking place frequently. Explore Stockholm's music scene.

Sergels Torg
SergelsTorg is Stockholms main square. The square is named after the Swedish sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel, who was the royal sculptor under Gustav III and whos workshop was once situated in the north corner of the square.
Photo: Ola Ericson/

Stockholm: A hub for art & design

Is there some love for art designed inside your heart? If so, Stockholm is bound to get it pulsating with its numerous globally renowned museums and exquisite designs that can be found on every nook of the city. The city is known for its minimal designs with clean and simple lines. Be it architecture, fashion or anything else, the emphasis on functionality maintains a simplistic yet charming Scandinavian aesthetic. Art and design in Stockholm.

Stockholm view
Stockholm, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city.
Photo: Ola Ericson/

Experiencing Stockholm’s Nature

A city bound to coddle those who love being embraced by mother nature’s arms. Unlike other European cities, Stockholm portrays an enchanting affair between the pure waters, bare cliffs and the stretch of green across the fourteen islands. The beauty of Stockholm’s lakefront beaches, combined with activities such as pedalling on nature trails and kayaking in the archipelagos, make the city worth visiting. Experience Stockholm’s Nature.

Working life
A creative and open work environment is for many a prerequisite to deliver innovative ideas and products. Working from home or from a café or other public space is often acceptable or even encouraged..
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Technology And Lifestyle in Stockholm

Ever wondered that a country of just 10 million people could be the birthplace of tech giants such as Spotify, Skype or Truecaller? That’s Stockholm for the world. A city that is no stranger to pulling off such phenomenal feats. The Nordic Silicon Valley is a great fit for geeks and adventurers alike. Home to the famed Stockholm Tech Week, the city’s diverse offerings and progressive lifestyle make it one of the most welcoming places to visit.

Air India flight taking off in Stockholm
Air India offers direct flights between New Delhi and Stockholm.
Photo: Air India

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