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Cottages at Lofsdalen, Härjedalen
Lofsdalen is a family-friendly ski resort in Härjedalen.
Photo credit: Martin Olson


The region has a unique flora and fauna and is famous for its accessible wilderness, superb homemade foods and five clearly defined seasons.

The region is located in the southern part of northern Sweden. It has a population of around 127,000 people with some 60,000 living in its only city Östersund. The Sámi culture, with its own history and traditions, has had a major influence on the region. Jämtland Härjedalen has a total of 12 Sámi villages and around 44,000 reindeer. 

Popular activities in Härjedalen

In summertime its common to go hiking, fishing and biking, as well as canoeing. There is also the option to do wild game watching, horse-riding and golfing with the mountains as backdrop. 

In wintertime, skiing is the most popular activity. The major ski resorts in the region are Åre, Vemdalen, Funäsfjällen and Lofsdalen. Östersund meanwhile is a major centre for trip skating on lake ice and cross-country skiing. Other activities on offer are alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobile safaris, dog sledding, ice fishing, riding, ice climbing, reindeer sleigh rides and paragliding. The highest mountain peak in the area is Helags, which has Sweden’s southernmost glacier and stands 1,797 metres above sea level. Sonfjället in Härjedalen is the county’s national park. The area also has some 50 nature reserves.