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Hand printed textiles at Frösö Handtryck, Jämtland
Experience the process of hand printing textiles at Frösö Handtryck in Frösön, Jämtland.
Photo credit: Frösö Handtryck

Frösö hand printing workshop

Hand printing textiles is truly an art, requiring precision and patience. Learn more about the printing process and stock up on unique, hand printed fabrics at this factory shop in Jämtland.

Founded in 1946, Frösö Handtryck is both one of Sweden’s few remaining hand screen printers and one of the country’s oldest hand printers. The printing process and craftsmanship are largely the same now as then, and can be viewed in action in the combined factory and store in Frösön, Östersund. 

Frösö Handtryck, Gripengränd 4, 832 96 Frösön

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