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Vollmers Restaurant in Malmö, Skåne
Experience Scanian gastronomy at Vollmers Restaurant in Malmö.
Photo credit: Vollmers


Fine dining, local ingredients and natural flavours. Try adding two Michelin stars on top of that and you have restaurant Vollmers.

Vollmers was founded by the Vollmer brothers in 2011 and earned its first Michelin star four years later. Guide Michelin describes the food at Vollmers as ‘expertly crafted’ and ‘original’. All ingredients are locally sourced and the menu is inspired by the Swedish cuisine. The chefs’ dedication is not only represented in the unique flavours, but also visible in the presentation of the food. Don’t be surprised if you ask yourself if you’ve been served dinner or an art installation, while having dinner at Vollmers. 

The restaurant is located in a traditional 19th century town house in Malmö and the staff is professional yet personal; creating a great setting for a memorable dinner experience.