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Museum of Sketches, Skåne
The Museum of Sketches is a unique art museum highlighting the artistic creative process, located in Lund.
Photo credit: Carolina Romare

From sublime art to vicious Vikings

Whatever your cultural taste, you’ll find your very own love-food here. From Avant-garde to stone-age artefacts, classical to catchy, opera to hard rock. Skåne hosts some of the best events and scenes in Europe – along with a violent Viking past. Come. See. Enjoy.

You’ll be spoilt for choice for cultural events, festivals, theatres, concerts, museums and much more. Here are a few events to inspire your cultural you. 

Art and culture

Skissernas Museum (The Museum of Sketches) in the centre of Lund houses the world’s largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory works for international and Swedish art. It focuses on the artist’s creative process and you follow it from a first idea until the final model or sketch. The museum consists of seven large galleries with a variety of sketches and models, from small copper web models the size of a fingernail, to large sculptures more than five meters tall.

Kulturen in Lund is a large open-air museum in central Lund. There are up to twenty different exhibitions here, highlighting everything from art, design, culture and history. 

The playground features a small water system with an old-fashioned, manual pump that keeps children entertained for hours, and there are often temporary exhibitions aimed especially at young people. 

Dunkers kulturhus is a cultural hub and meeting place in Helsingborg. Experience historical and contemporary art and different performances, as well as discussions and debates. Come and explore your creativity through imagery, music and diverse media. It’s a perfect place for a cup of coffee or a tasty lunch while enjoying the beautiful view over Öresund. 

Malmö Konsthall (Malmö Art Gallery) is one of Europe's largest exhibition halls for contemporary art. The light, airy architecture creates a perfect backdrop for the different exhibitions - from the classics of modern art to contemporary artists.

Moderna Museet Malmö features exhibitions of prominent contemporary artists, classics, and has a large collection of its own that provides material for its permanent collections.

Form/Design Center is a place and a hub for knowledge and inspiration, for comparing experiences and for building networks in form, architecture and design. 

History and Vikings

Live life Viking style

Love medieval history and fascinated by tales of murderous Vikings? Foteviken is a large Viking settlement on the Höllviken that gives you a glimpse of what everyday life was like in those times. Five sunken Viking ships were discovered in the waters just north of Foteviken in the early 1980s. One of them is now a full-scale recreation on display at the museum. 

The week following Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Market, an international fair that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and ”Viking warriors” from across Europe, as well as thousands of visitors. 

Find your own fossils

You can find fossils all over Skåne. From trees dating back 500 million years near Kullaberg, to dinosaur finds in northern Skåne, you can dig out your own piece of history.

Uppåkra, 5 kilometres south of the university city of Lund, is a large archaeological excavation site that dates back 4,000 years and tell us that people lived here in the stone age. Uppåkra has yielded finds such as coins, jewellery and glassware from as far away as Iraq and Uzbekistan. Uppåkra Arkeologiska Centre, which offers guided tours and a coffee shop, is in “Gamla Prästgården”, a white building behind the church next to the car park. 

Why not talk to the archaeologists excavating the site? They’ll be glad to share what they have discovered. There is a small souvenir shop on site, and a café where you can have lunch or coffee and pastries. 

Glimmingehus – medieval death traps and ghost stories

Glimmingehus, in eastern Skåne near Simrishamn, is the best-preserved medieval manor in Scandinavia. The origin of this fortress dates back to 1499. The old castle was built for battle and features unique defences such as gaps for pouring hot tar over intruders, drawbridges, trenches and other deadly traps. The staff help make history come alive. Listen to ghost stories in the summertime, try your hand at Middle Age-chores, join one of the guided tours or relax in the beautiful herb garden. There’s a small entrance fee. Read more about historic places in Skåne

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Kulturen in Lund, Skåne

Kulturen in Lund is a museum consisting of several historical houses and gardens, from the mediaeval times to the 1930's, spread over two blocks in the city centre of Lund.

Photo: Leif Johansson/Xray foto

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Kulturen in Lund, Skåne

Photo: Leif Johansson/Xray foto

Viking life at Foteviken museum, Skåne

Photo: Foteviken museum

Historical castle Glimmingehus, Skåne

Photo: Birger Lallo/Glimmingehus

Kulturen in Lund, Skåne

Photo: Carolina Romare

Dunkers Kulturhus, Skåne

Photo: Iti Forsberg

Bags at Form/Design Center in Malmö

Photo: Carolina Romare

Marching vikings at Fotevikens Museum, Skåne

Photo: Fotevikens museum