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Syltan resturant, Småland
Syltan was awarded Culture Restaurant of the year in 2018 and is located in the museum Vandalorum in Småland.
Photo credit: Boggi reklambyrå/Smålands turism

Syltan Vandalorum in Småland, Värnamo

Syltan was awarded Culture Restaurant of the year in 2018. It is the perfect place to experience both tasty sustainable Swedish food and Scandinavian design.

At Syltan everything is baked and cooked from scratch, using only locally sourced and organic ingredients, for a delicious and nutritious experience. They offer both an affordable lunch menu on weekdays and an à la carte menu until 4pm every day, with both traditional Swedish food and other dishes. For dessert, try one of the mouth-watering home baked pastries before hitting the exhibitions. Yes, Syltan is in fact the museum restaurant of Vandalorum, a prominent design museum showcasing works by international and Swedish designers in four wooden barns outside Värnamo!

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Vandalorum, Småland

Vandalorum is a museum for regional, Swedish and international contemporary art and design set in four barns in Småland.

Photo: John Nelander/Smålands Turism

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Vandalorum, Småland

Photo: John Nelander/Smålands Turism

Syltan restaurant, Småland

Photo: Boggi Reklambyrå/Smålands turism

Kunstausstellung im Vandalorum, Småland

Photo: Patrik Lindell/Smålands turism

Vandalorum, Småland

Photo: John Nelander/Smålands Turism

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