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Västervik archipelago, Småland
Västervik archipelago comprises about 5000 islands, of which some are totally uninhabited whereas others have restaurants, activities and accommodation on offer.
Photo credit: Palle Wahlgren/Destination Småland

Västervik archipelago

With five thousand islands to explore, Västervik archipelago is a paradise for both adrenaline-junkies looking for adventure and holidaymakers seeking a moment of peace.

Some of the archipelago islands outside Västervik are untouched and only inhabited by seabirds, whereas others are popular summer destinations with accommodation, restaurants and an array of activities on offer. Except for the stunning scenery, it is the diversity that makes Västervik archipelago so interesting. Why not start your day kayaking between the islands? Or reconnect with nature by hitting the hiking trails along the sea? 

You can also book a diving tour with Dykpark Västervik or try bouldering on the natural rocks on the islands. Or just sit back at one of the archipelago restaurants and watch the sailboats go by. There is always a new way to experience Västervik archipelago, no matter when you visit.

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Västervik is a coastal city in the province of Småland in the south of Sweden. Summertime, it is popular among tourists and the guest harbour fills up with sailing- and motor boats. The town is also home to an annual folk music festival. Several cultural dignitaries come from Västervik, including Björn Ulvaeus of music group ABBA.

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

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Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

View of Västervik

Photo: David Wall Denhef Digital

Summer Flowers

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