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A female moose is standing in the forest surrounded by wild flowers.
Photo: Håkan Vargas S/

Things to do

Wildlife in Sweden

Join an animal spotting trip to see moose, bears, wolves, lynx and beaver in their natural habitat in Sweden.

Wild about wild life? Then head to Sweden and join a tour to spot the Swedish wildlife like moose, wolves, bears and lynx.  


Moose can be found all over Sweden but are difficult to spot. The best chance of seeing one of these magnificent beasts is on moose spotting tour with an expert guide. What's the difference between an elk and a moose? Find out at Wild Sweden 

You can join a Moose safari in Svansele where they are so confident in finding a Moose on your trip that they offer a Moose guarantee 


See wolves, hear them howl. Tour operator Wild Sweden's trip Wolf tracking in Winter was selected as one of 50 tours of a lifetime by National Geographic 2015! 


For bears you have to head north to the provinces of Dalarna, Gävleborgand Jämtland, which have the highest bear population density in the country. Bears are shy, peaceful animals and you really do want a professional guide with you if you are going to spot one.