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A group of people watching the sunset in Stockholm.
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is situated on 14 islands by the Stockholm archipelago.
Photo credit: Yirui Aries/Visit Sweden

Discovering Sweden: Unforgettable experiences at exceptional value

Explore the wonders of Sweden without the hefty price tag – uncover hidden gems, insider tips, and budget-friendly travel hacks for extraordinary adventures at the best value.

Reports indicate that travellers are increasingly drawn to destinations that offer great value for money. Beyond the allure of famous landmarks and cultural immersion, the savvy traveller seeks destinations that strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Thanks to the favourable exchange rate of the Swedish crown in recent years, a vacation in Sweden now presents an increasingly appealing option, offering the possibility to get more value out of your trip.

Sweden consistently ranks among the world's happiest countries, boasting high scores in quality-of-life indicators like affordability and safety. Furthermore, Stockholm's descent on the list of the world’s most expensive cities enhances Sweden's appeal as an ideal destination for those seeking a fulfilling yet budget-friendly travel experience.

Moreover, Sweden's commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism makes it an attractive destination for socially conscious travellers. From pristine national parks to clean and efficient public transportation systems, Sweden offers an environmentally friendly travel experience without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Travelling off-season is a smart move for those looking to stretch their budget even further. During these times, both travel and accommodation costs are lower without compromising on the richness of experiences.

Join us as we unlock the splendour of Sweden while maximising value.

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Tresticklan national park, West Sweden

Experience untouched forests, beautiful lakes and varied hiking in Tresticklan national park.

Photo: Roger Borgelid/

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Four people are walking in a forest next to a lake during summer.

Tresticklan national park, West Sweden

Photo: Roger Borgelid/

A person is trying to take water from a stream into a lush forest.

Skuleskogen National Park, the High Coast

Photo: Fredrik Lewander

Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago

Photo: Agence les Conteurs

Skiing in Sweden

Skiing in Sweden

Photo: Niclas Vestefjell/

How to get great value on your vacation in Sweden

Mesmerising nature experiences

Sweden's natural beauty intertwines serene lakes, dense forests, stunning archipelagos, and imposing mountains, offering boundless opportunities for unforgettable experiences. Nature is often just a stone's throw away, presenting the perfect chance to blend vibrant city life with natural experiences. With the unique Swedish concept of the Right of Public Access (allemansrätten), everyone can enjoy nature freely. Often adapted and accessible to all, this grants freedom to roam, providing endless opportunities for affordable outdoor adventures. Enhance your experience by booking a guide to help you navigate responsibly.

  • Free access to national parks
    Sweden's breathtaking national parks are open to the public free of charge, inviting nature enthusiasts to explore stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems without costing you a penny.
  • Tapping into the clean water
    Fill your own bottle from the tap, or, why not, from a mountain stream and avoid expensive store purchases? Over half of Sweden's drinking water is sourced from naturally pure groundwater, requiring no treatment before consumption.
  • Regular archipelago traffic
    Regular boat and ferry services operate throughout many of Sweden's picturesque archipelagos, offering convenient and budget-friendly transportation options for island hopping and coastal exploration.
  • Free skiing for children aged 0-7
    Ski resorts in Sweden often offer complimentary skiing passes for children aged 0-7, allowing families to enjoy winter sports without the added expense.
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Hiking the High Coast

Hiking is the perfect way to experience the beautiful nature of the High Coast.

Photo: Fredrik Lewander

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Hiking the High Coast

Hiking the High Coast

Photo: Fredrik Lewander

Two kids on a hike in Padjelanta in northern Sweden, surrounded by patches of snow and mountain peaks.


Photo: Hans-Olof Utsi/

The enterence to Moderna Museet on a sunny day with people sitting on chairs outside.

Moderna museet, Stockholm

Photo: Moderna Museet/Åsa Lundén

A big crowed in front of a stage.

Malmö festival

Photo: Pierre Ekman /Malmö stad

Immersive cultural experiences

Sweden offers a uniquely enriching cultural experience steeped in history, art, and music, providing exceptional value for every traveller.

  • Free or discounted admission to many museums
    Even though state museums reinstated fees for adults from January 1, 2023, several museums in Sweden still offer free or discounted admission, allowing visitors to delve into the country's rich cultural heritage without concerns about hefty entrance fees.
  • Cultural Heritage card (Kulturarvskortet)
    The Cultural Heritage card offers discounted admission to numerous cultural sites and attractions across Sweden, providing an affordable way to immerse oneself in the country's history and heritage.
  • Quantity discounts
    Various attractions and activities in Sweden offer discounts for larger groups or families, enabling travellers to save money when exploring together.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    Sweden is in the top 25 countries with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In total, there are 15 sprinkled all over the country. From the archaeological site Birka to the Laponian Area in Swedish Lapland. Many of them are free to explore without cost.
  • Mark your calendar for a free festival
    Various free music festivals and markets occur annually across the country. Among the most renowned are Malmöfestivalen, Trästockfestivalen in Nordanå, and the cultural events held in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
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Farmers Market

Farmers market at Strömma Farmlodge in Tvååker outside Varberg.

Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist/Visit Halland

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A big sign reading Farmers Market is seen at the entrance to a rural market. A light blue bus is parked at side.

Farmers Market

Photo: Kristin Lagerqvist/Visit Halland

A table with plates of neatly placed food such as toast skagen.

Riche, Stockholm

Photo: Svenska brasserier

A tree hotel made of mirror glass, in the sunset in Swedish Lapland.

The Mirrorcube at the Treehotel in Harads, Swedish Lapland

Photo: Swedish Lapland

Two people in Sweden are by a tent in the woods next to a lake.


Photo: Clive Tompsett/

A train traveling by a lake during summer.

Train by SJ

Photo: Stefan Nilsson/SJ

Savouring Swedish cuisine

Sweden is celebrated as a culinary powerhouse, leading the world in international cuisine. Blending local produce with global flair, its food culture embodies innovation and sustainability while honouring tradition and the country's rich culinary heritage.

  • Culinary capital
    In 2023, the capital city of Stockholm was honoured as one of the top 10 culinary destinations by World of Mouth. Stockholm caters to every palate and budget, from iconic hot dog stands and bustling market halls to cosy wine bars and globally acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Festive food festivals
    Whenever or wherever you visit Sweden, and whatever your festival preferences may be, you'll find yourself spoiled for choice – there's always a food or drink event just around the corner. Whether indulging in classic favourites like the Kivik Apple Market, savouring the brews at one of Gothenburg's beer festivals, or exploring the diverse culinary scene of Stockholm, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Daily lunch specials
    Many Swedish restaurants have a tradition of offering daily lunch specials at discounted prices.
  • Children's menus
    Numerous restaurants across Sweden provide affordable children's meals, ensuring families travelling with young ones enjoy the country's culinary delights together.

Optimising your stay

Sweden caters to all kinds of accommodation preferences, from unique tree houses and the daunting Ice Hotel to cosy cabins and luxurious urban hotels.

  • Happy camper!
    Camping remains the primary accommodation choice for international summer tourists in Sweden. Perhaps not surprisingly, considering Sweden's reputation as Europe's most budget-friendly camping destination.
  • Extra child beds in hotels
    Many hotels in Sweden provide an extra child bed at no additional cost.
  • When to stay
    The price for a hotel night is often the lowest at the beginning of the week if you can be flexible with your travel dates. Another idea is to consider business hotels during holidays, which often offer advantageous discounts.
  • Seasonal offers
    Throughout the year, many establishments in Sweden provide seasonal offers and promotions, allowing visitors to enjoy discounted rates on accommodations, activities, and dining experiences.

Smart travel tips

Make the most of your trip to Sweden with some extra insider tips.

  • Pensioner discounts
    Several attractions and services in Sweden offer special discounts for seniors, making it easier for retirees to explore the country without overspending.
  • Children travel free on public transportation
    In Sweden, children travel for free on public transportation until age 7, making it convenient and economical for families to explore cities and regions.
  • Discounts or free travel on trains for children aged 0-6
    Free or discounted train tickets for children aged 0-6 on several train operators in Sweden.