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Celebrating Valborg at Skansen, evening with lots of people by the fire
Valborgsmässoafton, Skansen
Skansen, situated in Stockholm, is a historical open-air museum renowned for hosting Sweden's largest Walpurgis celebrations.
Photo credit: Anna Hugosson / Skansen

Walpurgis Night (Valborg) and May Day

This is the night of the bonfire in Sweden, traditionally believed to ward off evil spirits, but now a festive way of getting rid of excess gardening odds and ends.

Walpurgis, Valborg (short for Valborgsmässoafton), or 'the last of April', is a traditional spring celebration in Sweden. For students, it's a foretaste of summer. At dusk, bonfires are lit and people gather to listen to speeches and songs welcoming spring and a brighter future.

Expect a lot of Swedish flags around as King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his birthday on Walpurgis. The day after, on May Day, there’s a host of parades and festivals.

When is Walpurgis and May Day in Sweden?

Walpurgis Eve is on 30 April and May Day is on 1 May.

Who can celebrate Walpurgis?

Family, friends and lovers. Any excuse for a bonfire and singing.

How to do it like a local:

Just sing or hum along and be happy in general about the fact summer is coming.

What to do on May Day?

1 May has been a public holiday in Sweden since 1939. Many choose to spend the day at a demonstration for workers' rights.

Where can you celebrate Valborg?

Walpurgis is celebrated all over Sweden, most often people gather at a local park. Here is a selection of Valborg events from north to south:

Borlänge, Dalarna: Experience a different Walpurgis night with a fire show inside the old iron ore mine Adventuremine.

Karlstad, Värmland: Traditional celebrations with speakers, choral singing and a large bonfire in Mariebergsskogen city park.

Uppsala, Uppland: Valborg in the university town of Uppsala is a people's party, as almost 100.000 people usually gather in the Ekonomikum Park.

Stockholm: Skansen, a historical open-air museum in Stockholm, holds the largest Walpurgis celebrations in Sweden. You can expect a traditional evening with choral singing, a spring speech, a bonfire and fantastic views over Stockholm.

Gothenburg, West Sweden: Students gather in the park Trädgårdsföreningen to listen to live music. A large caravan called Cortègen, with entertaining self-made vehicles, has been going through the city on Walpurgis night every year since 1909.

In Slottsskogen, you can look forward to a traditional and festive evening with springtime speeches and the classic bonfire. To mark Slottsskogen's 150th anniversary, there will also be a large choir procession, during which several Gothenburg choirs will perform at various locations in the park.

Nääs Castle, which has been a popular meeting place for Walpurgis Night for over 50 years, will once again offer a traditional program.

Lund, Skåne: The university town of Lund has several celebrations. The largest one, with bonfires, choral singing, and spring speeches, takes place in the city park Stadsparken

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Walpurgis Night, Lund

On Walpurgis Night, 30 April, Swedes welcome spring by lighting huge bonfires and celebrating the end of a long winter by singing songs.

Photo: Aline Lessner/

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Walpurgis Night, Lund

Walpurgis Night, Lund

Photo: Aline Lessner/

Walpurgis Eve at Skansen

Walpurgis Eve at Skansen

Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/

Walpurgis Eve

Walpurgis Eve

Photo: Ola Ericson/