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View of Mölle, Skåne
View from the coast near Mölle in Northwest Skåne.
Photo credit: Carolina Romare

Take a week-long road trip in beautiful Skåne and Blekinge

The Swedish nature found in the idyllic southern regions of Skåne and Blekinge incorporates rolling hills, expansive meadowlands, dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches and spectacular beech forests. Discover the highlights by setting off on a relaxing road trip, involving plenty of activities.

Skåne and Blekinge in the southernmost part of Sweden are ideal regions for a week’s holiday. The sort of Swedish nature waiting to be discovered encompasses white sandy beaches, meadows and deep forests. There are also plenty of green oases in more cultivated forms, such as the elegant gardens found in Skåne’s royal palaces and manor houses.

Skåne is also celebrated as a foodie destination and here you’ll be able to sample products from a diverse community of small-scale food artisans. As for accommodation, the whole spectrum is covered, from cosy B&Bs to high-end hotels.

We’ve singled out four options, each with its own unique identity.

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Simrishamn is a small coastal town in Österlen on Skånes east coast.

Photo: Conny Fridh/

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Photo: Conny Fridh/


Photo: Conny Fridh/

Skåneleden trail

Photo: Mickael Tannus/Tourism in Skåne

Hickory's Bistro

Photo: Hickory's Bistro

Hotel Svea

Photo: Hotel Svea

Day 1-3

Discover magical Österlen

Malmö to Simrishamn in Österlen: 1.5 h drive

Österlen, located in southeast Skåne, is one of Sweden’s definite beauty spots, offering a myriad of places to discover. The mostly flat terrain is ideal for hiking and biking, while the waters and white sandy beaches are perfect for that “beach holiday” touch.

Day 1

Check into Hotel Svea

We suggest a three-day stop at Hotel Svea – a 1.5 hour drive from Malmö – from which you can set off on a range of excursions on foot or by bike. Located in the coastal town of Simrishamn, Hotel Svea is an ideal base – with sea views to boot. The hotel also offers bicycles for rent.

Nature experience par excellence – Stenshuvud National Park

17 km from Hotel Svea – 25 min by car/1 h bike ride

There’s no better introduction to the Swedish nature of Österlen than Stenshuvud National Park. Stretching across 400 hectares, this lush haven has it all – sea, sand, forestry, marshland, apple orchards and stunning viewing points.

Hit the trails to discover animals and blooms

Stenshuvud National Park is a walker’s paradise. A number of trails and footpaths snake through the park, ranging from 0.5 kilometres to 2.2 kilometres. Skåneleden – one of Sweden’s national trails – also winds its way through this beautiful nature reserve.

You’re likely to come across grazing sheep and cows, roe deer, badgers, squirrels, foxes and pine martens and keep an eye out too for weasels, sand lizards and the wonderful European tree frog. The sandy heaths attract scarlet rosefinches, tawny pipits and golden orioles, while rare flora includes barren strawberry, black spleenwort and immortelle.

Go for a swim – followed by coffee and cake

When spending time in Stenshuvud, swimming gear comes in handy. There’s a wonderful stretch of beach in the nature reserve, and a short walk away you’ll find Naturum, a centre offering a wealth of information about the park. Its resident café offers light lunch options and Swedish fika.

If you can’t bear the thought of leaving Stenshuvud National Park, you’re free to pitch a tent near the Hällevik entrance.

Have dinner at Hickory’s Bistro

A three-minute walk from Hotel Svea, and located near the harbour, family-run Hickory’s Bistro offers various dishes – including lots of seafood – prepared using ingredients sourced from Österlen.

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Fresh apple drinks at Kiviks Musteri in Skåne

Enjoy a varied range of different apple drinks at Kiviks Musteri in Skåne

Photo: Carolina Romare

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Fresh apple drinks at Kiviks Musteri in Skåne

Photo: Carolina Romare

Fruit and vegetable farm

Photo: Miriam Preis/

Buhres restaurant

Photo: Buhres

Day 2

Visit the quaint village of Kivik and the apple orchards

From Hotel Svea: approx. 20 min by car/1h bike ride

Continue exploring the coastline and the old fishing village of Kivik, offering a variety of shops, restaurants and cafés. Don't miss the ice-cream shop in the harbour.

The area is the largest apple orchard district in Sweden, yielding many well-known products – apple juice included – found widely across Sweden.

Wander the apple orchards and sit down for lunch at Kiviks Musteri

From central Kivik: approx. 5 min by car/10 min bike ride/40 min walk

Lap up the spirit of the area at Kiviks Musteri – Sweden’s first commercial fruit farm, founded in 1888. Some 70 varieties of apple grow in the orchards and these can be admired as part of a guided tour. Cider tasting sessions are also on offer.

Refuel in the restaurant and don’t miss the opportunity to pick up a delicious souvenir from the farm shop, brimming with a wide array of apple juices, ciders, jams and more.

Walk along Haväng beach

From Kiviks Musteri: approx. 10 min by car/20 min bike ride

Post-lunch, you may be tempted to go for a walk and there’s no better place to do so than on the soft sand dunes of Haväng beach.

Have dinner at Buhres restaurant in Kivik harbour

From Haväng Beach: 15 min drive/30 min bike ride

Located in Kivik’s charming harbour, Buhres is a quality eatery offering an à la carte menu – including seafood soup and fried herring with mashed potato and lingonberry – and a range of products to take away.

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Poppy flowers in Kåseberga

Kåseberga is a small, beautiful town on the coast of Skåne.

Photo: Erika Weiland

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Poppy flowers in Kåseberga

Photo: Erika Weiland

Ale's Stones

Photo: Frits Meyst /


Photo: Simon Paulin/


Photo: Karol Werner

Day 3

Today, we suggest you explore the southernmost part of Sweden – the Sandhammaren Beach and the Kåseberga village.

Sandhammaren beach – the perfect spot for a swim and a picnic

From Hotel Svea to Sandhammaren beach: approx. 30 min by car/1.5 hour bike ride

You’re likely to want to linger at Sandhammaren beach. With its wide sand dunes, this multi-award winning beach has been compared to the Caribbean. Post-swim, find your favourite spot and sit down for a picnic.

Safety note – due to its position at the southernmost point of Sweden, there are potentially risky currents around Sandhammaren’s waters. It may be an idea to walk out and swim back in.

Head to Kåseberga fishing village

From Sandhammaren beach: 10 min by car/30 min bike ride

The picturesque fishing village of Kåseberga is a highlight for a number of reasons. Plenty of outdoor experiences are on offer here, including fishing, surfing and bird-watching, and there are also several historical sites to discover. Kåseberga Fisk serves fresh fish as well as other dining options.

Marvel at the megalithic monument Ales stenar (Ale’s Stones)

From Kåseberga fishing village: 750 metres

Ale’s Stones is a megalithic monument in the shape of a stone ship. This 67-metre long structure is shaped from 59 boulders, weighing up to 5 tonnes each. According to some studies, the monument dates back to the end of the Nordic Iron Age some 1,400 years ago.

Take to the sky – go paragliding with a pro

From Ale’s Stones: 5 min bike ride/10 min walk

Paragliding might sound daunting for the uninitiated, but anyone can get a bird’s eye view of beautiful Österlen thanks to Sky Adventures. A so-called “tandem flight” allows you to relax and take in the views while your professional guide does the steering.

Have dinner at Kåseberga Café & Bistro

After paragliding, head back to Kåseberga and the eatery Kåseberga Café & Bistro. Their menu is fish based “with a street food touch”. Dishes are cooked using fresh and mostly locally sourced ingredients and you’ll get to dine with views over the sea.

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Safari at Eriksberg

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, in the Blekinge archipelago, offers guided tours in the custom-built safari vehicle.

Photo: Eriksberg

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Safari at Eriksberg

Photo: Eriksberg

European bison at Eriksberg, Blekinge

Photo: Eriksberg

Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve

Photo: Eriksberg

Dinner at Eriksberg

Photo: Eriksberg

Day 4 and 5

Settle in at the Eriksberg Nature Reserve in the Blekinge archipelago

From Hotel Svea: 1h 50 min by car

Bid farewell to Österlen and travel north to the province of Blekinge, where one of Europe’s largest wildlife reserves awaits.

Immerse yourself in the world of Eriksberg

The hotel and safari park of Eriksberg, is situated outside Karlshamn in the Blekinge archipelago. The purpose of the nature reserve is to promote biodiversity and ensure the wellbeing of animals. It also offers top class accommodation and cuisine. Eriksberg was awarded northern Europe’s most luxurious nature reserve at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2019.

As a hotel guest, you’ll be able to drive around in your own car during opening hours at peak periods – with or without a guided tour. If you don’t have a car, staff will chaperone you in the hotel’s custom-built safari vehicle.

Bison hikes and other activities

A nature experience with a difference, Eriksberg offers a guided tour involving a hike among European bisons. The walking safaris allow you to get close to these mighty creatures, literally following in their footsteps as you progress through the park together with your guide.

There’s plenty to do beyond animal spotting at Eriksberg. Activities on offer span beverage tasting, fishing, hiking, pentathlon, climbing and canoe excursions.

Immerse yourself in the Eriksberg experience by staying a night or two. Each unique room – housed across different buildings – comes as part of a package that includes entrance to the park, breakfast and a five-course dinner. You’ll also get access to the “relaxation area”, complete with sauna and hot tubs.

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Harbour in Kullaberg

Skåne offers a beautiful and varied landscape in the south of Sweden. There are many picturesque villages there, such as Mölle in Kullaberg, where men and women started swimming together publicly for the first time in the 19th century. At the top left is Grand Hotel Mölle.

Photo: Apelöga/

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Harbour in Kullaberg

Photo: Apelöga/

Krapperup castle, Skåne

Photo: Lena Birgersson

Mölle Krukmakeri

Photo: Frits Meyst

Day 6-7

Discover Mölle and its scenic surroundings

From Eriksberg: 2.5h by car

Leaving Blekinge and going back to Skåne, you’ll find the coastal resort of Mölle in the northwest. We suggest you check into the family-run Grand Hotel Mölle for two nights. Using this cosy, century-old landmark as your base, you’ll be able to conveniently explore the surroundings and its many sites.

Day 6

Take a morning stroll – or surf – in the harbour of Mölle

Mölle Hamn (harbour), a short walk from Grand Hotel Mölle, is the heart of this lovely town whose two docks were completed in 1881. Since the 1990s, it has also played host to international surfing competitions and events.

Cycle or hike to the castle of Krapperups

From Mölle Hamn: 6 min by car/13 min bike ride/50 min walk

One of Sweden’s oldest castles, Krapperups slott is situated some 5 kilometres south of Mölle – making it a perfect afternoon outing. The grounds of this fascinating abode offer a cultivated and out-of-the-ordinary nature experience. The park was landscaped at the end of the 19th century by palace residents Ellen and Nils Gyllenstierna, who consulted Danish landscape architect Edvard Glæsel to create the marvellous rhododendron and rose gardens you’re able to admire today. Guided tours are available and there is an art gallery and a museum to explore – as well as a charming stable yard café.

Have dinner at Mölle Krukmakeri

Located in a courtyard in the centre of town near the sea, Mölle Krukmakeri is a pottery and quality eatery rolled into one. Neapolitan pizza and healthy sharing dishes are core offerings.

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Kullaberg nature reserve

Kullaberg is a nature reserve in Skåne, south Sweden. It offers a stunning and dramatic landscape with a wide and varied plant and wildlife, that makes it perfect for hiking, bird watching and fishing as well as rock climbing and diving.

Photo: Apelöga/

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Kullaberg nature reserve

Photo: Apelöga/

Kullaberg lighthouse

Photo: Mickael Tannus/Visit Sweden

Nimis by Lars Vilks

Photo: Lars Vilks

Kullagårdens Wärdshus

Photo: Kullagårdens Wärdshus

Day 7

Before heading back to Malmö, be sure to tick off another few highlights blending unique Swedish nature and cultural heritage.

Hike among the caves and wildlife of Kullaberg Nature Reserve

From Grand Hotel Mölle to Östra Kullaberg: 8 min by car/20 min bike ride/ 55 min walk

Set across mountainous terrain, the Kullaberg Nature Reserve is beautiful in a dramatic way. Various hiking trails wind their way through the area’s cliffs and caves, of which there are more than 20. Wildlife roaming its shores includes foxes, hares, rabbits, deer and boars. Bird species you may spot include whitethroat and linnet.

Have lunch at the historic Kullens Fyr (Kullen Lighthouse)

Kullaberg’s nature reserve is home to one of Scandinavia’s oldest lighthouses – the 16th century Kullens Fyr. Head here – via either of the two main trails – for lunch or a snack in the resident summer café, or sit down for a picnic on the surrounding rocks or tables.

Admire the iconic outdoor artwork Nimis by Lars Vilks

From Kullens Fyr: 20 min by car/40 min bike ride/2h walk

The enormous driftwood sculpture Nimis by Lars Vilks is a Swedish icon. Appearing like a twig-based fortress on the waterline of the Kullaberg nature reserve, the first version cropped up here in the 1980s, and it keeps evolving.

Have dinner at Kullagårdens Wärdshus

From Nimis: 15 min by car/30 min bike ride/1h 40 min walk

Set in lush greenery near Mölle Golf Club, Kullagårdens Wärdshus hotel has a restaurant with a diverse menu based on good, fuss-free food. This spot is particularly popular during the warmer months, allowing you to sit outside and lap up the unique Swedish nature of Skåne – a region you might find difficult to leave.