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Ribersborg beach and boardwalk in Malmö.
The boardwalk at Ribersborg beach in Malmö.
Photo credit: Apelöga

Skåne and Malmö beaches

If you didn’t know it already we are a nation of bathers. Lake, river or sea, Swedes will get their kit off and jump into it.

Skåne is awash (forgive the pun) with beautiful sandy and clean beaches. For goodness sake, even the city of Malmö has its own beach at Ribersborg, just a 20-minute stroll from the city centre. 2 ½ kilometres long, this beach is perfect for kids as the water is shallow and the beach is lined with lots for them (and you) to do including; play areas, barbecue spots and beach cafés. Skåne's beaches are mile-long with fine white sand and warm water. 

Ribersborg beach is where the young, the old, the bold and the beautiful of Malmö and visitors from around the world enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or just generally lazing around in the summer months. It is a walk from the city centre.

Ribersborg Kallbadhus (seawater bathing facility) sits on a pier jutting out into the Öresund, the body of water between Sweden and Denmark. Here you can enjoy bathing in your birthday suit, or with swimwear on (it is a nude bathing facility) separate male and female saunas, a restaurant and café and, for the ladies only, a solarium and massage. 

The LGBT community, wherein trans people and non-binaries may be the most affected by gendered restrictions, has their own dedicated time at Kallis. On the first Monday of the month, Queer Kallis is open for visitors not identifying with the binary genders.

Facing Denmark on Ribersborg beach, on your right hand side lies Western Harbour (Västra Hamnen). The very-hard-to-miss “Turning Torso” building pokes jaggedly skywards almost 200 metres above this new seaside cityscape of apartment and office buildings, beaches and beachfront. The beachfront here is packed with restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs and it is bursting with life, especially in the summer months.

From Western Harbour (Västra Hamnen) you get stunning views of the 8-kilometre long Öresund Bridge, graciously arching its way over to the coastline of Denmark that you can see on a clear day. For the best views go to the Luftkastellet lookout point.