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Restaurant and bar
Bar/ Café on one of Stockholms boardwalks called Norr Mälarstrand. Open year-round but in the summer they have a large open-air bar.
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Food and drink in Stockholm

Stockholm is now positioning itself as the “Capital of Scandinavia" and Stockholm for sure is one of Europe’s most dynamic foodie scenes.

Stockholm – one of the world leaders in Nordic cuisine; clean, simple yet sophisticated creative cooking and sometimes, notably novel approaches to service. Stockholm has a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, and Bib Gourmands (for excellent affordable eating), and a host of local Swedish classics attracting international headlines and food lovers. 

And don’t miss the local 'strömming', a smaller and absolutely delicious version of herring from the Baltic, prepared in numerous ways including pickling – and can also be enjoyed as yummy street food.

Gastronomic stars

Stockholm has its fair share of fine dining establishments with Michelin star credentials:

Affordable bistros

Stockholm has experienced a culinary boom in the last couple of years and new venues are opening one after another. Especially hot is the trend of excellent gourmet adventures but in the setting of casual and highly affordable bistros. The Bib Gourmands award is for establishments noted for excellent, affordable dining. Stockholm’s best include:

Hip hangouts

New hip places pop up in Stockholm frequently. Try Woodstockholm, a furniture store, food bar and bistro in one, or Tygge & Sessil, celebrity chef Niclas Ekstedt’s new wine café.

Waterside beauties

The Cadier Bar is the Grand Hôtel’s bar, classic in every way. Go to Eriks Gondolen Bar for elevated Stockholm city views (closed for renovation until August 2022), Lydmar for the epitome of good taste, Orangeriet Bar in summer, and B.A.R. for a cross between a seafood restaurant, aquarium and bistro bar.


Get top-class 'husmanskost' (traditional Swedish fare) in two Stockholm institutions and local classics; Pelikan and Kvarnen beer halls, both on Södermalm. More local classic restaurants in Stockholm.

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