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Explore Sweden with The Curious Collection

The Curious Collection travelled to Malmö, Skåne, Gothenburg and West Sweden - here's their story

'Sweden is a country that we honestly did not know a lot about before embarking on the trip. However, we’re always intrigued by places that are not surrounded by the usual tourist hype. There’s a gentleness and peacefulness about discovering a place which you have read little about. A refreshment in not having seen all the sights online before you arrive. A deeper value in the experiences you take away in knowing that they are not so widely shared with others'. The Curious Collection 

The Curious Collection describes Sweden as idyllic, romantic and adventurous. Find out what their best experiences were and what their top tips are for those looking to visit…

Sweden is effortlessly cool. From the grand buildings of Gothenburg and Malmö to the cute fishing sheds of the Weather Islands, there’s no shortage of Instagram-worthy architecture around. There are also some really amazing accommodation options from a vineyard, to harbourside, to a trendy boutique city hotel. 

The highlight of our trip was the variety of experiences between the three regions, from enjoying the champagne pool in Upper House with incredible views of Gothenburg to taking a culinary hike with David from Lindegrens’ farm and leading his organic cows to greener pastures and learning how to catch a crayfish and cook it, as well meeting some wonderful Swedish people who are all so friendly, content and authentic.

If you’re after a holiday that is a bit left-of-centre, then absolutely Visit Sweden! There’s a bit of everything here, from the cities to the seascapes, it’s impossible not to love this country and we would return in a heartbeat. 

Top tips from The Curious Collection:

• Get outside! Swedish culture is all about having freedom to roam, so make the most of this beautiful place! 

• Fika. Fika. Fika. It’s not just about the coffee and the cake (and cinnamon buns of course), it’s also about slowing down to connect with the people around you! 

• A Seafood Safari in Fjällbacka is a truly unique, memorable and delicious experience in West Sweden

See the films from Gothenburg, West Sweden, Skåne and Malmö! 

Or just enjoy some of their wonderful photos from the trip

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