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Hiking in the forest
Hiking in the forest
Sweden’s right of public access is called ‘allemansrätten’ and gives everyone the right to enjoy the outdoors. Allemansrätten comes with both rights and responsibilities.
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Films from Sweden

In three short films, discover Swedish nature through the people who live, work and breathe it.

From vastly different places and lifestyles with one thing in common, their passion and gratitude for nature, we explore their personal stories. We meet the boy who became friends with a reindeer, the couple finding adventure close to the city, and the friends who found solace and inspiration in the mountains of the north. From urban gardens to the vast, boundless outdoors, this is Swedish nature.

Get Away

“Where nature still rules, and you’re just there to visit.”

Claire and Richard is the couple who moved from Britain to Sweden to live off grid. From an outside perspective they look at Swedish nature they now are an intricate part of, living of the land in a symbiotic relationship. We also meet the group of friends who ended up in this vast landscape for different reasons. Now finding inspiration for music and life on the mountains and waterfalls.  

Get Away

Get Curious

“That’s when I knew we were friends”

Explore the forest through a child's eyes. Meet the boy who became friends with the white reindeer, and in that found a stronger relationship with his father. See children explore nature through curiosity and play. Learning about the rules of nature, how to take care of it and sparking imagination and thoughts about clouds, ants and the water, otherwise difficult to dream up.

Get Curious

Get Close

"It's like going into a new world"

Life in the city can can be daunting. A never ending list of things to do keeps the stress on a leash. Follow Marion and Jimmy as they take advantage of the closeness between the city and nature to get away. A short bike ride to eco-friendly, luscious gardens and canoe adventures around the corner give them a balance they’ve been seeking. Being alone with nature is never further away than putting on your running shoes and not stopping until you get there.