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Seafood in trays and glass jars on ice, decorated with lemon, green leaves and shells.
Seafood from West Sweden.
Photo credit: Tina Stafrén/

Top 4 fish and seafood restaurants in Gothenburg

Gothenburg's coastal location and access to the North Sea make it a paradise for those who enjoy fish and seafood. Here are some of the top fish and seafood restaurants in Gothenburg.

Restaurant Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg
Restaurant Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg
Restaurant Sjömagasinet offers fine dining by the sea in Gothenburg.
Photo: Jennie Smith/Göteborg & Co


Sjömagasinet is a must-visit if you’re looking for a gastronomic seafood experience in a unique environment.

It's located in an old warehouse for the East India Company, dating back to the 18th century and right by the waterfront of Göta älv river, creating a relaxing sea side atmosphere with beautiful views. Sjömagasinet serves freshly caught seafood in both classic and innovative ways, such as baked arctic charr, turbot with potatopure and fragrant cognac lobster soup.

Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23, Gothenburg
Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23, Gothenburg
The popular King Size shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23 in Gothenburg.
Photo: Dino Soldin/ Göteborg & Co/

Shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23

Looking for dinner with a view? Look no further than Heaven 23. As the name indicates, this top-quality restaurant offers heavenly food at the 23rd floor.

You'll find many timeless dishes on the menu, but the most well-known meal is probably their King Size Shrimp Sandwich – served with a generous amount of shrimp on a freshly baked rye bread, with mayonnaise, a perfectly cooked egg, crisp salad and vendace roe. A shrimp sandwich, or 'räkmacka' as we call it in Sweden, is a must-try when you're in Gothenburg.

Restaurant Isabelle, Gothenburg
Restaurant Isabelle, Gothenburg
The French-Swedish restaurant Isabelle, in Gothenburg.
Photo: Isak Jaldenius / LIVE Reklambyrå

Restaurang Isabelle

Just a stone’s throw away from Avenyn, the popular main boulevard of Gothenburg, you’ll find Restaurang Isabelle, a top-quality, intimate restaurant. Freshly caught Swedish seafood is combined with contemporary French flavours, served elegantly to please both your taste buds and eyes. As the dishes are mid-sized you’re recommended to pick 2-4 platters, meaning you’re guaranteed several taste sensations in one meal.

Restaurant Hoze, Gothenburg
Restaurant Hoze, Gothenburg
José Cerdá runs restaurant Hoze, in Gothenburg, where he offers an exclusive take on sushi.
Photo: Restaurang Hoze


For an intimate fine dining experience head to Hoze. Chef José Cerdá serves an exclusive take on Japanese sushi under the concept of omakase which is Japanese for “It’s up to you” – meaning that you leave it up to the chef to create the best culinary experience possible. Only the best ingredients are used at Hoze and 90% of the fish is caught in Scandinavian waters. Cerdá is ambitiously combining interesting flavours while using careful cooking methods. As the seats are limited pre-booking is essential.

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