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Exhibition at Rörstrand Museum, Lidköping
Rörstrand museum displays a wide array of ceramics by Rörstrand.
Photo credit: Rörstrand Museum

Rörstrand Museum in Lidköping – the porcelain city

Rörstrand is the second oldest porcelain brand in Europe and manufactured all products in Lidköping for nearly 300 years. The old factory has now been transformed into the Rörstrand Center with a popular museum where you can learn all about the porcelain craft.

Rörstrand has influenced the Swedish design scene since it was founded almost three centuries ago and many of the Rörstrand items have become icons for Swedish design. The fact that Rörstrand porcelain is used at the Nobel banquet year after year says a lot about its high standard. The Rörstrand Center is an excellent place to learn more about the brand and the Swedish ‘white gold’. The extensive collections showcase centuries of porcelain design but also tools, sketches and circular kilns. Let yourself be inspired by both the beautiful everyday items and the unique showpieces on display. Want to give it a try yourself? Head to the creative workshop (Skaparverkstaden) where you can try turning and sculpting clay. You will also find design outlets and smaller shops selling ceramics at the centre, and when you need a break – hit the café and order a fika – served on Rörstrand porcelain of course.  

Rörstrand Centre, Fabriksgatan 4, 531 30 Lidköping 

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Porcelain factory

The creation of a vase at the porcelain factory, located at the Rörstrand Centre in Lidköping. The city has a long tradition of manufacturing porcelain, which carries on today. Rörstrand Centre is a must-visit for anyone looking to buy local design or learn more about the Swedish porcelain history.

Photo: Tina Stafrén/

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Porcelain factory

Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Swedish porcelain

Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Salad of roasted Muscat pumpkin, salad cheese, crıspy wild boar bacon and picked lovage

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