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A woman walking on a square in Old Town. In the background you see old stone houses and in the front there is a flowering plant.
Summer in Old Town, Stockholm
The Stockholm neighbourhood dates back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and town squares. Stortorget is the oldest public square in Gamla Stan.
Photo credit: Tina Stafrén/

Discover why Sweden is the perfect destination for solo travellers

Sweden's bustling cities, progressive culture, serene landscapes and welcoming people make it the ideal destination for solo travellers. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in vibrant urban life, delve into rich cultural experiences, or explore the countryside’s natural beauty, Sweden offers it all.

Solo travel has become an increasingly popular trend, especially in the wake of the pandemic. One compelling reason for travelling alone is the opportunity to focus on self-care, self-love, and personal growth – without adjusting your itinerary to accommodate someone else's wishes. It is all about you.

For those seeking the perfect solo travel destination, Sweden stands out as an exceptional choice. And here’s why.

A solo traveller's paradise

Sweden has a well-developed and efficient transportation system, making it easy to navigate the country independently. The extensive network of buses and trains, well-maintained roads, and efficient domestic flights ensure seamless travel throughout the nation. Public transportation is reliable, comprehensive, and user-friendly. So, whether exploring the vibrant cities or the tranquil countryside, getting around Sweden as a solo traveller is a breeze.

Also, English is widely spoken, significantly reducing the language barrier for international visitors. And there are plenty of accommodation options. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, keep in mind that the price for a hotel night is often the lowest at the beginning of the week. Another idea is to consider business hotels that usually offer advantageous discounts during holidays.

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Djurgården is a part of the Royal National Citypark also known as The Ecopark. It is the first national city park in the world and it includes 27 km2 of nature and cultural values.

Photo: Yirui Aries/

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An aerial view of Djurgården in Stockholm.


Photo: Yirui Aries/

A harbor with boats, red fishing huts and white houses.

Donsö, Gothenburg archipelago

Photo: Steampipe Production Studio/Mediabank Göteborg & Co

Two sailing boats are moored by Western Harbour in Malmö, with the high-rise Turning Torso towering in the background.

Western Harbour and Turning Torso, Malmö

Photo: Werner Nystrand

A woman sitting at a table outdoor eating a cinnamon bun. On the tables there are a plate of cinnamon buns, a sandwich and two coffee cups.

Outdoor fika

Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Yoga by the lake

Yoga by the lake

Photo: Alexander Hall/

Urban adventures

Sweden's major cities – Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö – feature excellent infrastructure and a wealth of attractions. There's something for every interest, from historical sites and museums to vibrant cultural scenes and culinary delights.

Guided tours: Enhance your experience by joining a guided tour. Whether a walking tour through the historic districts or a themed tour focusing on local art and cuisine, you'll gain deeper insights into Swedish culture and history.

Sightseeing buses and boats: Hop on a sightseeing bus or boat to cover more ground and see the city's highlights comfortably and efficiently.

Archipelago adventures: Use your SL card to island-hop through the stunning Stockholm archipelago. Each island offers unique landscapes and quaint villages, perfect for day trips or leisurely explorations. In Gothenburg, you can also navigate the islands by public transportation.

Museums: If you visit Stockholm, spend a day visiting world-class museums like the Vasa Museum or the Moderna Museet. The Gothenburg Museum of Art is a must, and in Malmö, swing by Malmö Konsthall.

Fika: Don't miss out on the Swedish tradition of fika, a coffee break accompanied by sweet treats like cinnamon buns. It's a perfect way to relax and people-watch.

Embrace wellness and learning

Focus on personal growth and give yourself some "you-time." Sweden offers numerous opportunities for solo travellers to engage in wellness and learning activities:

Yoga and fitness: Join a yoga retreat or fitness camp to rejuvenate your body and mind. Studies show that one of the top reasons for travelling alone is the desire for a journey centred on self-care and personal well-being.

Mindfulness: Consider a silent retreat an opportunity to escape everyday noise and distractions and embrace a period of silence and introspection. The meditative practice of forest bathing has become so popular in Sweden that 'skogsbad' has even made its way into the official Swedish dictionary.

Educational courses: Enroll in short courses or workshops on various topics, from Swedish cooking to traditional crafts.

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Arctic bath, Harads

Experience unique accommodations on land and water at Arctic Bath in Harads. Enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant, take a dip in Lule river or relax in the floating sauna.

Photo: Arctic Bath

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Houses on a river during autumn. To each house is a jetty.

Arctic bath, Harads

Photo: Arctic Bath

Outdoor pool with the inscription 'moments of happiness' at the bottom, surrounded by a wooden deck and sunbeds.

Ystad Saltjöbad, pool

Photo: ESS Group



Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi/

A woman with hiking gear, standing in greenery, looking out over mountains.

Hiking in Idre, Dalarna

Photo: Alexander Neimert/Idre Fjäll

Biking in Orsa Grönklitt, Dalarna

Biking in Orsa Grönklitt, Dalarna

Photo: Grönklittsgruppen

Two women, one with a black dress and one with a flower patterned shirt, are holding an umbrella whit the colors of the rainbow. They are standing by the water with a view of Stockholm city in the background.

Pride festival

Photo: LANDEROS/Visit Sweden

A spa day just for you

Sweden is renowned for its spa culture, offering a range of luxurious and serene experiences perfect for solo travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The iconic Swedish sauna experience, often followed by a refreshing dip in a cold pool or lake, is a must-try for any visitor.

Arctic Bath, Harads

For a high-end northern retreat, choose Arctic Bath in Harads. The spa offers three saunas, two outdoor jacuzzis, and a range of sumptuous spa treatments. There’s also an open-air cold bath.

Yasuragi, Nacka

For an exceptional spa experience, visit Yasuragi in Stockholm. Inspired by Japanese bathing culture, it offers serenity, beauty and harmony with outdoor hot springs, indoor pools and saunas.

The Spa at Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad

The Spa at Hotel Tylösand has won multiple prizes for its innovative approach, which includes biohacking treatments using lasers and infrared light. These treatments are designed to aid wellness.

Ystad Saltsjöbad, Ystad

Ystad Saltsjöbad is a coastal spa with a tropical rainforest theme. This lush and steamy retreat offers opulent spa treatments from around the world.

Explore the great outdoors

For those who prefer outdoor adventures, Sweden provides various options for solo travellers.

Hiking: Sweden's mountain regions feature fantastic trails of varying difficulty levels. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, you'll find a trail that suits your pace. The well-marked paths and overnight cabins ensure safety and comfort.

Biking: Biking is an excellent option, thanks to the country's extensive network of well-maintained cycling routes that traverse urban and scenic landscapes. Numerous bike rental services are available.

The Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten): The Swedish concept of 'Allemansrätten', allows you to roam freely across the countryside. This unique right encourages solo adventurers to independently explore forests, meadows, and coastlines, fostering a deep connection with nature.

Safety first

One key concern for solo travellers is safety; Sweden excels in this area. Consistently ranking among the world's happiest countries, Sweden boasts high scores in quality-of-life indicators like affordability and security. The welcoming and helpful residents, well-maintained public spaces, and efficient public services create a secure environment for travellers.

Additionally, Sweden is at the forefront of progressive values, making it a safe destination for the LGBTQI community and women travelling alone. You can feel secure regardless of your sex, gender identity, or age.

So, discover the magic of solo travel in Sweden, where every journey is enriched with culture, nature, and the warmth of its people. Join the ranks of solo travellers who have found their perfect destination in this Scandinavian gem.