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In town with friends
Friends hanging out on a street in Malmö
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Things to do in Malmö

Things to do in Malmö include visiting its city centre parks and strolling its beautiful cobbled street areas. Malmö sight-seeing is easy to do by foot, by bike or even in a kayak.


Billed as Scandinavia’s biggest festival, Malmöfestivalen covers all styles and types of music, cultural events and ‘happenings’, art and design, kids events, sport & lifestyle, food & drink and much, much more. Join the party in Malmö in the last week of August.

Western Harbour Malmö

Western Harbour is on the shoreline of the Öresund Sound and sits on what used to be the Kockums shipyard. The city took on this formerly contaminated, run-down area and working with internationally renowned property developers and architects, has turned it into a paragon of sustainable living and working. And an exciting place to visit

Malmö beaches

The 2.5 kilometre long Ribersborg beach is where the young, the old, the bold and the beautiful of Malmö and visitors from around the world enjoy swimming, sunbathing, or just generally lazing around in the summer months. It is a 40 minute walk from the city centre.

Malmö art, sciences and history

If you want to do the Malmö Art Museum, the City Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Science and Maritime House Museum in one day, you’re in luck. They all reside in the imposing Malmöhus Castle building. Other museums in Malmö that you should tick off your checklist include Moderna Museet Malmö, housed in a disused power station and exhibiting prominent contemporary international works of art. Malmö Konsthall meanwhile, is renowned for the function and aesthetics, as well as the use of space and light in its gallery.

Shopping Malmö

Malmö makes for eclectic shopping. It’s got a 16th century shopping market square, a beloved flea market, a catalogue of shopping centres and new up-and-coming shopping areas. 

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Promenade à Västra hamnen, Malmö

Västra hamnen est un quartier innovant et construit d'une manière écologique et durable à Malmö. Il possède de nombreux atouts comme sa jolie balade côtière.

Photo: Carolina Romare

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Promenade à Västra hamnen, Malmö

Photo: Carolina Romare

Western Harbour in the sunset, Malmö

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Lilla torg, Malmö

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Café Sorl at Friisgatan in Malmö

Photo: Apelöga

Triangeln bike path Malmö, Skåne

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Möllevången in Malmö, Skåne

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Malmö train station

Photo: Werner Nystrand/Folio/

Western Harbour, Malmö

Photo: Aline Lessner/

Turning Torso, Malmö

Photo: Aline Lessner/

Contemporary art at Moderna Museet, Malmö

Photo: Moderna Museet

Malmö Saluhall, Skåne

Photo: Katarina Szuter / Malmö Turism

Enjoy the Nordic cuisine with your friends in Malmö

Photo: Apelöga/Malmö Turism