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Shopping in Malmö
Fashion store Liebling in Malmö.
Photo credit: Apelöga

Slow shopping or shop till you drop in Malmö!

When it comes to shopping, Malmö has something for everyone – from local specialty shops to large shopping centres. And with so many stores located along or near the pedestrian street of Södra Förstadsgatan, Malmö’s ‘high street’, the shopping is oh so convenient.

Pedestrian shopping

At the north end of this long shopping street, you’ll find Triangeln shopping centre, which is packed with Swedish and international chain stores for quick and handy purchases.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind shops, there are plenty of those outside the mall, such as the eclectic AB Småland concept store and café. This two-storey, 1,450 square-metre store is a treasure trove of sustainable furnishings – from the organic linen pillows to the vintage chairs and recycled glass vases. Browsing its well-staged rooms, you’re sure to work up an appetite. They have an all-you-can-eat vegetarian and vegan lunch buffet that is heavenly and fabulous desserts if you want to indulge.

Shopping street

The shopping street, Kärleksgatan (Love Street), often referred to as “Jeans Street", in Malmö.

Photo: Tina Axelsson/

Dressed for success

There are plenty of other trendy boutiques for the fashion savvy along Södra Förstadsgatan, including Meadow clothing store for men and Popolino, with classic 1960s-inspired clothing for the whole family.

Another shop stepping up to promote “slow fashion” is Liebling on Davidshallstorg 8. Stepping into this homey shop is like stepping back in time, yet their carefully selected clothing, shoes and other products are timeless. Their skilfully curated collection is based around principles of sustainability, longevity and, of course, impeccable style. The range includes Liebling’s own brand as well as other Swedish and European brands.

Next, wander over to Kärleksgatan (Love Street), often referred to as “Jeans Street.” Just look up if you’re wondering where the name comes from. A clothesline of hanging jeans dangles from one side of the street to the other. What better place to pick up a pair of jeans or two at a classic Swedish store like Nudie Jeans or APLACE?

Fashion store Liebling, Malmö

The 'slow' fashion store Liebling offers carefully selected clothing, shoes and other timeless products.

Photo: Malmö Stad

Salty specialities and more

If you prefer to buy second-hand goods, the massive Björkåfrihet store (formerly Emmaus Björkå) back on Södra Förstadsgatan sells clothing, toys, porcelain, vinyl and every other item you can imagine – along with ones you probably never thought of! Don’t hold back, the money you spend goes to a good cause. Emmaus is a non-profit organisation whose proceeds go to humanitarian aid.

Design fans will get their dose of Scandinavian style at Designtorget, on Södra Förstadsgatan 9, which sells home furnishings and clever design objects. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Manga or the Expanse series of science fiction novels should check out the Science Fiction Bokhandeln at number 26. They have books in English, toys, DVDs and all kinds of great gifts for sci-fi enthusiasts!

Liquorice lovers can’t leave Malmö without visiting Lakritsroten, at Södra Förstadsgatan 17. Swedes love liquorice, especially the salty kind. And with more than 700 products to choose from, this is the perfect spot to grab some tasty souvenirs (or snacks!). Stock up on salty or sweet liquorice, liquorice tea, soaps, oils, salt – hey, why not liquorice crisps?

Craving more sweets? Ahlgrens Konfektyr has luscious chocolate pralines and sinfully delicious cupcake creations like lemon cheesecake and salty fudge and pecan. This Malmö institution is located on Södra Tullgatan 1, on the other side of the canal. Keep walking towards Gustav Adolfs Torg, a large square, for more shopping if your feet are up to it!

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Second hand store in Malmö

Inside the second hand store Björkåfrihet in Malmö.

Photo: Malmö Turism

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Second hand store in Malmö

Photo: Malmö Turism

Second hand store Björkåfrihet

Photo: Malmö Turism

Designtorget in Malmö, Skåne

Photo: Fredrik Johansson / - Malmö Turism

Liquorice store Lakritsroten

Photo: Malmö Turism

Inside the store Lakritsroten

Photo: Malmö Turism