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Möllevångstorget, Malmö
Möllevångstorget in Malmö is large market square surrounded with restaurants, bars and cafés.
Photo credit: Apelöga

Malmö’s multicultural Möllevången

Möllevången, known as “Möllan” to locals, was traditionally a working-class neighbourhood. The huge bronze and granite “Arbetets ära” (The glory of work) monument on the market square is a testament to this era. But, today, it has been transformed into an area that is somewhat alternative, extremely multicultural and dare we say it – hip?

Food, food and more food

Strolling through Möllan, you begin to realize just how multicultural Malmö is. There are more than 180 nationalities residing in the city, and as you approach Möllevången, there’s a waft of aromas and sensations that instantly transport you around the world.

Möllevången is the place to be if you’re searching for herbs from Vietnam, a spice from India or get a craving for Thai noodles, pizza, falafel, samosas or just about any food from anywhere in the world. If you’ve never tasted Syrian food, now’s the time to try kafta and fatteh or some of the other exotic dishes at Shamiat on Bergsgatan 5. The first Syrian restaurant to open in Malmö, it also rates high among foodies and critics.

Vegetarian tapas

Many Swedish restaurants offer vegetarian options on their menus, and some restaurants serve only vegetarian food. Plant-based food is seen as an sustainable, yet delicious option to meat-based dishes.

Photo: Miriam Preis/

Go to market

Most of the action happens around Möllevångstorget, a large market square surrounded by buildings dating back to the early 1900s. In the early morning, market stalls with colourful striped awnings are rolled out onto the square where fresh local produce, flowers and other goods are sold. There’s a smattering of languages spoken here, but just about everyone speaks some English. So, go ahead and bargain away!

Möllans Ost, a shop on the square, is the place to go for imported and local cheeses as well as assorted delicacies. They’ll even vacuum pack cheeses for you if you’re tempted to take some home. Stock up on gifts at the nearby Malmö Chokladfabrik (Chocolate Factory), where they offer Swedish favourites like salt liquorice chocolate, and then sit back and watch the lively market action with a perfectly poured cappuccino at Kaffebaren på Möllan.

Outdoor market

Outdoor food market at Möllevången square in Malmö

Photo: Tina Axelsson/Visit Sweden

One-of-a-kind shops and art

Down the road from the market square is Mitt Möllan, a labyrinth of small shops tucked behind the unassuming façade of Claesgatan 8. Here, you’ll find friendly local entrepreneurs selling handmade housewares, vinyl, vintage clothing, tastefully designed “Malmö” t-shirts and all kinds of original items. There’s also a small food court and café where you can get everything from local ice cream to poke bowls or spicy Asian noodles.

Next to Mitt Möllan is Galleri Format, with hidden gems behind the frosted windows at Claesgatan 14. This photography gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday afternoons and admission is free. The exhibits and installations change every six weeks or so and feature exciting new Swedish, as well as foreign, artists.

Möllevången in Malmö, Skåne

Cherry blossoms at Möllevången - a popular area of Malmö with many restaurants, bars and cafés.

Photo: Werner Nystrand

Evenings in Möllevången

There’s plenty to do in Möllevången day or night so don’t head home just yet! The market clears off the square by the end of the workday, but Möllevångstorget stays alive as tables spill out of the restaurants surrounding the square. The area lights up with homey terraces and lively bars, warmed by infrared heaters for year-round outdoor action. It’s hard to keep social Malmö residents indoors!

Pull up a chair at Kontrast for Indian food cooked and served with care, munch vegan delights at the Vegan Bar or head around the corner to the very continental Opopoppa for a slice of roasted porcini pizza topped with crème fraiche. With its creative pizza toppings and the restaurant’s impressive selection of craft beers, it’s not your ordinary pizza joint – but then, Möllevången isn’t exactly an ordinary neighbourhood.

Street food

Pizza slices on a outdoor restaurant in Malmö.

Photo: Tina Axelsson/Visit Sweden

Biking through Malmö

Cycling in Malmö gives you a whole new perspective. You immediately enter the local rhythm of this bike-friendly city, free to explore its every nook and cranny at your leisure.