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Local crayfish, smoked juniper branch cream, dill and wild yarrow at restaurant ÄNG
Dining experience at Ästad Vineyard’s restaurant experience ÄNG
Photo credit: Ästad Vineyard

360° Eat Guide Experience – the 2020 nominees

Centering on sustainable cuisine made with local produce, the innovative concepts of the 360° Experience nominees offer experiences close to nature designed to stimulate all senses.

More than the sum of its culinary parts, the 360° Experience is a unique category within the notable 360° Eat Guide – the first restaurant and hotel guide evaluating both gastronomy and sustainability via an integrated assessment. Centering on three areas – local produce, education and collaboration, the nominees within this category are widely different but share many traits. They all set out to educate diners in sustainable cuisine and local, seasonal ingredients – some of which are unique to their respective areas.

Collaborative in spirit, produce harvested onsite or foraged in nature is complemented with delicacies from nearby small-scale farms and food producers. In a bid to boost guests’ appreciation of nature and the connection between the food on our plate and the soil from which it originates, each contender immerses you in leafy surroundings, even taking you on outdoor adventures. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get a unique take on sustainable Swedish cuisine, close to nature.

An intro to the 360° Experience nominees:

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Everts Sjöbod in West Sweden

Stay by the occean at Everts Sjöbod in West Sweden

Photo: Alex Vizeo Loris Monteux

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Everts Sjöbod in West Sweden

Photo: Alex Vizeo Loris Monteux

Outdoor cooking at Norrqvarn

Photo: Jonas Ingman/

Crayfishing in West Sweden

Photo: Tina Stafrén

Food served at Lilla Bjers, Gotland

Photo: Margareta Hoas / Lilla Bjers

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