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The Drinkable Country in Huuva Hideaway
The Drinkable Country in Huuva Hideaway
The Drinkable Country table in Huuva Hideaway in Liehittäjä, Swedish Lapland. Swedish nature is filled with edible treats such as berries, greens and seaweed and they are of course best enjoyed in the outdoors. Explore the Swedish nature through drinks that you yourself will create with locally sourced ingredients. We call it The Drinkable Country – the world’s largest open-air bar.
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Export program for Swedish Food Travel 2020

Between the years 2017 and 2022, Visit Sweden is running a project aiming to increase the nations competitiveness as a sustainable international food destination. The project is called “Export program for Swedish Food Travel 2020” or just shortly - the “Food Travel program”. It is run in cooperation with regional tourism organizations from all parts of Sweden and some of the largest cities.

The project aims to attract a new target group, the food interested traveler, and increase their knowledge and interest in Swedish food and drinks and especially for travelling to Sweden for this type of experiences. The project also aims to develop a long-term plan for the continued development of food tourism after the project is finished.

Activities focus on three areas:

  1. Insights about food tourism and various ways to disseminate the insights to inspire the development of new food travel products and destinations.
  2. International marketing.
  3. A strategic action plan for the development of Food Tourism in Sweden.

The project is funded by the government, the European Union, and the project partners. Total funding is 57 million Swedish crowns. 40 of these comes from the Rural development program (Swedish government and the EU/European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) and the rest from partners.

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