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Take the train to the trail
Discover Sweden by train, an easy and environmental friendly way to travel.
Photo credit: Stefan Nilsson/SJ

From train to trail – accessible hiking in Sweden

Hop on a train to reach some of Sweden’s most accessible hiking trails and discover Sweden’s varied nature and cultural sites. With train stations as your starting point, choose from a plethora of shorter day hikes and walks throughout the country.

Travel by train to enjoy a spot of sustainable hiking through Sweden’s forests, archipelagos, meadows, and cultural sites. You’ll find a variety of shorter trails and loops. For those of you looking for greater adventures of three days or more, consider Sweden’s longer signature trails. These are typically segmented into sections, so you can also enjoy these as an easy day's hike, perhaps as part of a city break.

Here are some of Sweden's many idyllic trails, all close by a train station.

Hiking in Abisko, Swedish Lapland

Enjoy the scenery of the Abisko mountains.

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson/Swedish Lapland

Trollsjön lake – a beauty spot in the Abisko mountains

Låktatjåkka train station, near Kiruna, is the gateway to a natural wonderland. Shifting from mountain birch forests and dramatic rock walls to barren mountains and flower meadows, it's easy to see why this Swedish Lapland destination is a favourite of outdoor enthusiasts. The mountainous 5-kilometre trail to Trollsjön lake, also called Rissajaure, starts at the train station and passes through the valley of Kärkevagge until it reaches the lake’s remarkably clear waters, said to be Sweden’s purest. You'll want to linger before turning back the way you came, perhaps enjoying a ‘fika’. As the ascent is mostly gentle, it's rated an easy hike – even suitable for families.

Hiking at Isälvsleden, Västerbotten

Isälvsleden is a 60 kilometres long hiking trail shaped by the receding ice glaciers thousands of years ago.

Photo: Anna-Karin Drygge/Region Västerbotten

Isälvsleden trail – experience the varied beauty of Västerbotten

Discover Västerbotten’s nature reserves during the snow-free months and set off along the legendary Isälvsleden trail, accessible via Hällnäs or Vindeln train stations. Even though the entire trail covers some 60 kilometres, there are plenty of shorter sections. Setting off from Vindeln, you'll be walking at a gentle gradient across Degermyrliden mountain, continuing at the eastern fringes of the charming village of Abborrtjärn before turning back. If using Hällnäs further north as your starting point, expect a shorter walk across the undulating terrain of Hjuksåsarna, with glorious views over the Vindelälven valley and the village of Hjuken.

High Coast Trail

The High Coast Trail offers a varied nature of meadows, mountains, lakes and forests.

Photo: Fredrik Lewander/Höga Kusten

Sweden’s High Coast Trail – World Heritage Site hiking at its best

One of Sweden's signature trails, the High Coast Trail extends through the entire UNESCO World Heritage Site – from Hornöberget to Örnsköldsvik. Divided into seven sections, the terrain includes a medley of steep cliffs, sandy beaches, deep forests, mountain tops and meadows. Start off in northernmost Örnsköldsvik, and you’ll also pass key city landmarks, including the harbour, ski jumping hills and Stadsträdgården park, after which you'll be immersed in the forests of Hörnsjön Nature Reserve. An easy hike, the Örnsköldsvik-Svedjeholmen part of Section 7 covers about 4,7 kilometres. For all seven sections of this outstanding trail, just continue south.

Hiking in Åre

Åre offers several hiking trails of varying difficulty.

Photo: Anette Andersson/Åre Destination

Åreskutan – mountain hiking with breathtaking views

Åre in the county of Jämtland is celebrated as an eminent ski resort and its hiking is of equal calibre. Offering accessible trails for everyone, choose between one-hour options or longer, more challenging adventures. Whichever you prefer, expect magnificent views and mountain-fresh air. Many trails start at Åre Square, near the train station – hike to the top of Åreskutan mountain or board the cable car to start your excursion at higher altitudes. Åre offers several family-friendly hikes, including a trail (214b) leading to Mt. Åreskutan’s peak and Toppstugan – Sweden’s loftiest café, where homemade waffles await.

Tällberg in Dalarna

Flower meadow in the picturesque town of Tällberg in Dalarna, where all buildings are made of wood.

Photo: Visit Dalarna

Tällberg Circular Trail – an idyllic snapshot of Dalarna

Take in some of Dalarna's ultimate beauty spots by hiking around the idyllic village of Tällberg, perched at an elevated position overlooking Lake Siljan. The seven-kilometre trail snakes through forests and village environments, allowing you to get a feel for this decidedly quaint area and its rich cultural heritage. Highlights include Digerberget mountain – a perfect picnic spot with stunning lakeside views – the maypole field and Sturängen, a limestone-rich meadow where rare herbs and flowers thrive. If you fancy a dip in Lake Siljan, head for Tällberg beach.

Bruksleden Trail, Västmanland

Bruksleden Trail is divided into 27 sections of varying length.

Photo: Jonas Bilberg/Region Västmanland

Bruksleden Trail – immerse yourself in the deep forests of Västmanland

Bruksleden Trail in Västmanland county stretches from Västerås in the south to Avesta and Malingsbo in the north. Divided into 27 sections, the trail offers all-encompassing nature and several peaceful lakes, but perhaps most notably, endless forests dominated by pine trees. The 11,4-kilometre section 6, from Hallstahammar train station, is perfect for anyone keen on a spot of soul-cleansing forest bathing. Continue along Långsjön lake and you'll soon reach the shelter that marks the end of the trail, ideal for a fika break. You'll also be able to reach Bruksleden from the following train stations: Ramnäs, Surahammar and Fagersta.

Sörmlandsleden Trail

Relax by one of the many lakes while hiking the Sörmlandsleden Trail.

Photo: Karin Reibring

Sörmlandsleden Trail – stunning nature and medieval sites

Discover Sörmland county, just south of Stockholm, courtesy of Sörmlandsleden Trail. This multifaceted route offers everything from deep forests and lakes to hilly tops and meadows. The trail is divided into several ‘stages’, many of which connect to train and bus stops. Stage 6-1, for instance, runs from Huddinge train station to Hökärr and covers 13 kilometres. The slightly hilly route takes you through woodland and mountainous terrain, studded with medieval sites – including castle remains and Gladö Mill, dating back to 1330. Opt for this easy hike, and you're in for a nature-rich experience infused with Swedish history.

The Biosphere Trail, West Sweden

The Biosphere Trail stretches 140 kilometres between Läckö Castle and Mariestad. The trail is divided into nine sections, and the difficulty varies from easy to moderate.

Photo: Melanie Haas/

The Biosphere Trail – and a beautiful train journey – in West Sweden

Why not combine your hiking adventure with one of the most idyllic train rides in the country? The Biosphere Trail nestles 140 kilometres along the southern shores of Lake Vänern, between Läckö Castle and Mariestad. It’s part of the biosphere reserve designated by UNESCO and passes through deep forests and charming towns. Highlights include the spectacular Läckö Castle and Stora Stenbrottet, a limestone quarry with views so impressive that it goes by the local name “Little Grand Canyon”. The Biosphere Trail is a hop and a skip from both Mariestad and Lidköping train stations, but it can also be combined with a trip along Kinnekullebanan, voted Sweden’s most beautiful train journey.

Sveafallen, Degerfors

In Sveafallen nature reserve you can walk past large boulders and craters formed by the ice age.

Photo: Degerfors kommun

Sveafallen – hike among Värmland's ice age relics

On the Värmland border, with Degerfors train station as your starting point, you’re not far to the natural wonderland that is Sveafallen. A 5-kilometre loop trail, ‘Sveafallen runt’ snakes through this pine tree-rich nature reserve, encircling the small lake, Bergtjärn. Look out for the many ice age traces found here, such as enormous potholes and boulders. Due to the rougher terrain in parts, this compelling trail's difficulty level has been rated medium. There's an easier option – Grytrundan loop – covering one kilometre, and a 250-metre trail suitable for people with disabilities.

Kalmarsundsleden trail, Kalmar

Kalmarsundsleden trail offers both natural and cultural environments. It passes through Kalmar as an easy walking alternative for those who wish to walk a little closer to the city.

Photo: Region Kalmar län

Kalmarsundsleden trail – for hikers and bikers alike

Kalmarsundsleden trail stretches over three municipalities and 200 kilometres on Sweden’s east coast. The passages that run through Kalmar are easily accessible and include city sights like Kalmar harbour, Kalmar Castle and Kalmar City Park. Continue north or south out of the city, and you’ll discover an idyllic coastal hike on old country roads and railway tracks. The trail is flagged with orange marks on trees and stones, and you’ll pass several fishing hamlets, wind shelters and fireplaces. And don’t forget to bring your swimwear – Kalmarsundsleden ticks off some of the region’s most appreciated bathing places, including Vita Sand. Bikers looking for a leisurely excursion will also enjoy this trail, as the cycle path is mostly paved.

Skåneleden Trail, Skåne

Discover the beautiful surrounding while hiking different sections of the Skåneleden Trail.

Photo: Mickael Tannus/Tourism in Skåne

Skåneleden Trail, section 7 – coastal nature and historic city charm

One of Sweden's signature trails, Skåneleden covers much of the stunning south – 1,300 kilometres to be precise. However, it's also suitable for shorter excursions, being divided into six ‘subtrails’. Section 7 on the SL5 Öresund subtrail is an easy 16-kilometre hike from the coastal city of Helsingborg to Rydebäck, a seaside gem. The walk combines leafy urban environments – studded with medieval sites such as Kärnan Tower – and peaceful coastal nature. Örby Ängar Nature Reserve is a definite highlight, incorporating meadows, heaths, wetland forests and sandy beaches. You'll find a number of additional trails on Skåneleden that are easily reached by public transport – underlining the wealth of accessible hiking in Sweden.