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Bergaliv Loft House
Bergaliv Loft House is a getaway on the hillside of Åsberget mountain in the north of Sweden.
Photo credit: Martin Edström/Visit Sweden

A trip to Sweden – an experience that truly offers something else

With its inventive food scene, thrift and designer stores and enlightened city planning, there are many reasons to travel to Sweden besides its vast forests, picturesque islands and thousands of lakes.

The country’s unique nature can be experienced from award-winning glamping sites, architect-designed tree houses, and even luxurious rooms made entirely of ice. And the nature extends into the centre of the major cities, where you can kayak, swim and cycle amid trees, granite outcrops and sparkling water.

Swedish food culture - local produce, international flavours and forward thinking

Swedish cuisine today centres on healthy, locally sourced produce, while certain preparation methods can be traced back to the Viking era.

Allemansrätten - Sweden's right of public access

As long as you do not disturb and do not destroy, you are welcome to enjoy nature as much as you want.