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Sunrays in a pine forest
Sunlight in a pine forest. Explore the serenity, the beauty and the adventures of Swedish nature on your own, as Allemansrätten allows everyone to roam freely in Swedish nature.
Photo credit: Gösta Reiland/

Immerse yourself in the Swedish forest

In a world full of stress, demands and disturbing noise, sometimes you just need to take a break and get back to nature. To unwind, look around and just breathe. Forest bathing in Swedish nature may be a way to help you find balance.

Swedish forest is pure, vast and easy to access. As nature often is literally on the doorstep wherever in the country you may be, it’s a natural part of the Swedish lifestyle. The forest is where we go hiking, biking, foraging – or to just relax and have a moment of peace and quiet.

It’s often said that Swedes have a unique relationship with nature and a case study has shown significant health effects of this Swedish “close to nature” lifestyle. After just 72 hours in nature, participants had decreased their stress levels with 70 percent. Their blood pressure and heart rate dropped while their well-being and creativity increased.

Forest bathing can be made alone, in a group or with a local guide who can help you to get the most out of your visit in nature. Forest bathing is not just a walk in the woods, it’s a way to take in the forest with all your senses. Listen to the sound of birds singing. Discover the scent of moss and ancient trees. Watch the rays of the sun slowly move over stones and roots. Maybe, there’s even some wild berries for you to taste. Feel the life of this natural ecosystem and breathe in your own pace.

Who knows, one of these forest paths that you’ve never set foot on before may lead you in the direction to find yourself again.

Swedish nature in Virtual reality (VR)

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A trip to Sweden – an experience that truly offers something else

With its inventive food scene, thrift and designer stores and enlightened city planning, there are many reasons to travel to Sweden besides its vast forests, picturesque islands and thousands of lakes.