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Most of Sweden’s open space remains essentially untouched, and the Right of Public Access means that people are free to roam the forests, camping, fishing or picking berries and mushrooms. Spending time in nature is an essential part of the Swedish lifestyle.
Photo credit: Clive Tompsett/

The seasons

In Sweden the spring season is from March/April to May, the summer season is from June to August, the autumn season from September to October/November and the winter season from November/December to March/February. 

This varies slightly of course because Sweden is such a big country and in the far north, you are inside the Arctic Circle. Because of the Gulf Stream, Sweden enjoys a mild climate generally, with summer temperatures of +20C around the country. So Sweden really isn’t as cold as you might think. The peak season for camping in Sweden is in June and July and most of the country enjoys around 20 hours of daylight in the summer months. And yes, in the far north there are periods when the sun doesn't set in the summer months and you could be enjoying your favourite tipple under the midnight sun. Come autumn the mercury starts dropping, so make sure the heating in your caravan or motorhome is working!

What can you expect?

Sweden is a big country with big nature and big city experiences – the choice is yours. You have the last remaining true wilderness of Swedish Lapland – a vast area of glaciers, mountains, Arctic plains, tundra and wildlife. On the west coast, you can combine the buzz of city life in Gothenburg with the Bohuslän coast and archipelago; famous for its coastal fishing villages, sparkling islands, as well as world-class lobster, prawns, oysters and mussels. Or how about Sweden’s most southerly region Skåne, famous for its farmland plains, and the city of Malmö, linked to Copenhagen by the magnificent Öresund Bridge – the setting for ‘The Bridge’ Nordic-noir television series.

Wherever your destination is in Sweden you will find a high-quality camping site. The National Swedish Campsite Association has more than 300 campsites in Sweden as members. The campsites are all over Sweden and offer more than 75,000 camping pitches and 9,000 cottages and cabins.