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Road trip
In summertime the Swedish roads are filled with tourists, both from Sweden and abroad.
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Sweden’s congestion taxes and bridge tolls

In Sweden both Swedish and foreign-registered vehicles pay congestion taxes in Stockholm and Gothenburg and bridge tolls in Motala and Sundsvall.

Information from the Swedish Transport Agency:

The congestion taxes are intended to improve traffic flow in Stockholm and the routes around Gothenburg, and for environmental reasons.

The bridge tolls are what are known as infrastructure charges. This means that they help to finance the bridges. The idea is that the people who use the bridges help to pay for part of the cost of the bridges. 

When you drive past a control point, this is registered and the following month a payment slip is sent to the vehicle owner’s home address. This means you don’t have to stop and pay at the time, you just continue driving.

The congestion tax in Stockholm and Gothenburg is charged on weekdays during daytime. The price per crossing varies between 9 and 35 SEK, depending on the time and whether you are in Stockholm or Gothenburg.A maximum charge of congestion tax in Gothenburg is of 60 SEK per day and in Stockholm the maximum charge is 105 SEK. The tax is not charged on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, the day before a public holiday and in the month of July.

Bridge tolls are charged 24 hours a day on the bridges across Sundsvallsfjärden and Motalaviken. The amount varies between 5 and 20 SEK per crossing, depending on the size of the vehicle and whether you are in Sundsvall or Motala.

For visitors and foreign vehicles

If the vehicle is registered abroad, the Swedish Transport Agency has entrusted a notification partner to identify the owner of the vehicle, send out invoices to and obtain payments from the owner of the vehicle via EPASS24.

For rental cars it is common that the Congestion Fee will be added to the rental cost, but this is something you have to check with the rental car company directly.