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Five different meals, three bottles,  a spool with jute twine and flowers on a wooden table.
Table at Farmers market, Varberg
Food and flowers at the Farmers market at Strömma Farmlodge in Tvååker outside Varberg.
Photo credit: Kristin Lagerqvist

Swedish food and drink festivals for every taste

Sweden’s culinary scene is thriving, with an increasing focus on sustainability. Discover the country’s rich food culture by visiting one of the food and drink festivals due to take place in 2024.

The Swedish food and drink festivals allow you to explore Sweden and its culture via your taste buds. Often hold in open-air settings, you’ll get to discover a smorgasbord of food and drink. The event themes range from traditional Swedish recipes and freshly harvested local produce to craft beer and fine dining options prepared by top chefs. Many are focused on sustainability and innovation.

No matter when or where you visit, or what kind of festival you prefer, you’ll have plenty of options – it’s never far to the next food or drink event in Sweden. Choose from classic and popular food festivals like Kivik Apple Market, attend one of the many beer festivals in Gothenburg or discover a range of food festivals in Stockholm – including one dedicated to cheese. Or why not try something different, like a wild boar festival, a harvest market at a castle, a small-scale food tour by bike or a gin and tonic festival in a historic manor setting. Here are some food and drink festivals you’ll come across in Sweden, from north to south.

This article includes food and drink festivals in:

A stall with garlic, salad and eggs on a market.

Food market, Gotland

Gotland is an island full of flavors and aromas, the mild climate and the many hours of sunshine provide the best conditions for many tasty products such as spring onions, burgundy truffles, salmon berries, asparagus and the sweetest strawberries.

Photo: Anna Sundström/Region Gotland

Festivals on tour

Street Food Festivalen

Sweden’s largest street food festival will take place in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö this summer and autumn. Visitors can expect a vibrant event complete with a range of street food and sweet food, beverages like wine and beer, DJs and graffiti artists.
Locations: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

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High Coast Whisky Festival

High Coast Whisky Festival offers whisky tasting sessions.

Photo: Mats Forssell, High Coast Whisky

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A man is standing at the end of a long table and smells on his whiskey. A group of peoples sitting at the table and tasting whiskey at a festival.

High Coast Whisky Festival

Photo: Mats Forssell, High Coast Whisky

A village and boat huts surrounded by greenery and calm water.

Ulvön, the High Coast

Photo: Izabelle Nordfjell

Fermented herring

Fermented herring

Photo: Tina Stafrén/

Friends are eating finger food out of boxes by a food truck parked in Stockholm.

Food trucks

Photo: Simon Paulin/

Northern Sweden

Umeå Taste Festival (‘Umeå Smakfestival’) 

5-8 September 2024
Umeå Taste Festival is an annual event combining street food, merchants and regional producers, restaurants and breweries with a special focus on sustainability and local produce. This year’s theme is “Finally together!”.
Location: Rådhustorget in Umeå, Västerbotten.

High Coast Whisky Festival

28-29 June 2024
High Coast Whisky Festival is arranged by and at the premises of Sweden’s well-known distillery High Coast Whisky. Expect two days of whisky-tasting sessions, seminars and music performances. You can also watch whisky in the making. All by the scenic Ångermanälven river.
Location: High Coast Whisky in Bjärtrå, the High Coast of Sweden.

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Growing food

About seven per cent of Sweden’s area is used for agriculture. Many food festivals focus on local produce.

Photo: Simon Paulin/

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Growing food

Growing food

Photo: Simon Paulin/

Chanterelle mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms

Photo: Helena Wahlman/

A lush garden in front of Julita Manors yellow facade.

Julita Manor

Photo: Peter Segemark

Middle Sweden

Harvest Festival in Southern Dalarna (‘Skördefest i södra Dalarna’)

6-8 September 2024
Taste, smell and enjoy the delicacies of three villages in Dalarna county when some 40 farm shops, restaurants, cafés, food producers and drink makers invite visitors to their estates.
Location: Avesta, Hedemora, Säter in Dalarna.

Taste Värmland (‘Smaka på Värmland’)

TBA 2024
This annual food festival gathers food producers from all over the county of Värmland. It can be experienced in several ways: In Kristinehamn, where the main event is held, or through a tasting tour where you go on your own to visit the different producers at their venues.
Location: Gustafsvik in Kristinehamn and all over Värmland.

Uppsala Vin & Deli

5-6 April 2024
This wine fair welcomes new and experienced wine connoisseurs. There will be wines from all over the world, as well as local delicacies such as cheese and charcuterie. Several tastings will be held throughout the weekend.
Location: Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in Uppsala, Uppland.

Uppsala Craft Beer Festival

29 July 2024
Uppsala Craft Beer Festival is a new outdoor festival, serving up a range of exciting beers and street food. The event is arranged by Uppsala’s largest brewery, Uppsala Brygghus, and more than 30 breweries are invited.
Location: Uppsala Brygghus in Uppsala, Uppland.

Nordic Craft Cider Festival in Strängnäs

29 June 2024
Celebrate craft cider from the Nordics and Baltics during this new open-air festival by the water.
Location: Hornuddens Trädgråd outside Strängnäs, Sörmland.

Gin & Tonic Festival Dylta Bruk

28-29 June 2024
Craft beverages and local delicacies in a historic manor house environment during Swedish summer – what's not to like? Some of Sweden’s most recognised gin makers will exhibit, along with smaller distilleries and breweries.
Location: Dylta Bruk outside Örebro, Närke.

Wadköping’s Food Market (‘Wadköpings matmarknad’)

16-18 August 2024
Enjoy cheeses, meat, bread and pralines from Örebro county’s food producers and vendors in the historic village of Wadköping.
Location: Wadköping in Örebro, Närke.

The Food Trip Örebro County (‘Matresan Örebro län’)

7-8 September 2024
Matresan’ gathers around 100 food producers, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs for a joint open weekend. Pick your favourites from the digital map and head out for a food trip around the county.
Location: All over Örebro county.


Sweden Foodtech – Big Meet in Stockholm

9-11 April 2024
The organisers behind Smaka Good Food Festival are also behind the B2B platform Sweden Foodtech, which arranges another annual event. Big Meet is a foodtech un-conference that gathers the best foodtech companies, entrepreneurs, scientists and athletes from all over the world.
Location: Gastronord.

Smaka Good Food Festival (‘Smaka på Stockholm’)

3-9 June 2024
Smaka Good Food Festival focuses on the three G:s of food: Good for you, Good for the planet and Good taste. It’s one of the world’s largest food festivals, held in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm.
Location: Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm.

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival

5-7 September 2024
Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival has been one of the world’s largest beverage fairs ever since the start in 1992. Visitors can expect tasting sessions with Swedish and international beer and whisky producers, competitions and surprises.
Location: Nacka Strandsmässan outside Stockholm.

Sthlm Food & Wine

8-10 November 2024
Taste, smell, talk, listen and learn at one of the Nordic’s largest combined food and beverage fair. This year, Sthlm Food & Wine will be held at the same date and location as the pastry and chocolate festival ‘Bak- och Chokladfestivalen’.
Location: Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö, outside Stockholm.

Aptitrundan Spring in Sörmland

25 May 2024
Some 60 farms, boutiques, restaurants and cafés all over Sörmland county invite visitors to discover the first crops of spring and summer.
Location: All over Sörmland county.

Aptitrundan Fall in Sörmland

8-0 September 2024
Visit the local food companies of Sörmland county and taste their delicacies, learn more about their business and participate in various activities. Choose between some 60 places and let your taste buds and interests create your own food trip.
Location: All over Sörmland county.

Nordic Food Truck Championships in Mariefred (‘Nordiska Mästerskapen i Food Truck’)

19-21 July 2024
The first food truck festival and championship in the Nordics return to Mariefred this summer.
Location: Mariefred in Sörmland.

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Oyster Day in Grebbestad

The Oyster Day in Grebbestad is an annual folk fest that has become a Swedish classic for oyster lovers.

Photo: Kristina Gillerstedt

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A man and a woman sits at a table outdoor. The man have an oyster in his hand.

Oyster Day in Grebbestad

Photo: Kristina Gillerstedt

Truffle hunt

Truffle hunt

Photo: Simon Paulin/

An elderly man is driving a horse and carriage with a couple of hay bales. They stand in front of a castle and beside you see a market stall with vegetables.

Harvest Market at Tjolöholm Castle

Photo: Will Rose

A festival area in a small city during a well-visited evening concert.

The Baltic Festival in Karlshamn

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

A tent at the Brewskival festival filled with people raising their glasses filled with beer towards the camera.

Brewskival in Helsingborg

Photo: Jeff Flindt/ Brewski

Two parents with two kids biking on a country road by the coast in Skåne.

Cycling around the Bjäre peninsula

Photo: Louise Nordström Pettersson

Southern Sweden

Östergötland Springs (‘Östergötland Spirar’)

18-19 May 2024
The county of Östergötland celebrates all signs of spring – from early season vegetables and apple blossoms to budding gardens and newborn animals. Farms, shops and even castles come together and open their doors during this new event, dedicated to local food and the countryside.
Location: Various locations in Östergötland.

Herring Weekend (‘Sillens helg’) in Marstand

1-2 June 2024
Herring is a real Swedish food classic, and Marstrand on the west coast of Sweden serves up some of the best. During the annual competition for the tastiest pickled herring (sill) recipe, you’ll get to try all the different varieties and vote for your favourite.
Location: Marstrand in West Sweden.

Ravenous on Dalsland (‘Glupsk på Dalsland’)

24-25 August 2024
With a focus on sustainability and environmental awareness, this local food festival has a packed program with lectures, workshops, exhibitions and culture. In the market area, you can meet local food producers and buy their products.
Location: Fengersfors bruk in Dalsland.

Food Festival Skövde (‘Matfestivalen Skövde’)

30-31 August 2024
Matfestivalen Skövde’ is one of the oldest city festivals in Sweden with a focus on food, music and fun. One street and a square in Skövde town will turn into a large outdoor food area with local food producers and restaurant tents.
Location: Hertig Johans gata and Hertig Johans torg in central Skövde, West Sweden.

Gotland Harvest Festival (‘Gotlands Skördefestival’)

7-8 September 2024
Experience the scents, tastes and traditions of Gotland. The island is well known for its large pantry of food products and the harvest festival highlights every part of the process – from farm to table. Meet food producers, animals and machines, participate in workshops and taste your way through the food market.
Location: Gotland Grönt Centrum in Roma, Gotland.

Gotland Truffle Festival (‘Gotlands Tryffelfestival’)

15-17 November 2024
This festival is dedicated to the Gotlandic truffle and is the finale of the Gotland Truffle Month which takes place in October/ November. There will be seminars on truffles, a truffle market, truffle hunts, a truffle ceremony and special truffle menus at many restaurants in Visby.
Location: Various places throughout Visby and Gotland.


A Beer & Whisky Fair (‘En Öl & Whiskymässa’) in Gothenburg

19-20 April 2024
This fair is the grand finale of the GBG Beer Week and usually attracts 20-25,000 visitors. ‘ En Öl & Whiskymässa’ gathers more than 160 breweries, whisky distilleries, importers and a range of delicatessens, and there’s even room for cider, rum and avec.
Location: Svenska Mässan convention centre in central Gothenburg.

Swedish Cheese Festival (‘Ostfestivalen’) in Gothenburg

11-12 October 2024
Swedish Cheese Festival is a homage to fromage – it gathers thousands of cheese lovers every year. You’ll be able to taste samples, watch celebrity chefs compete in making the best cheese dishes and buy your favourite cheeses with you home. If you’re looking for something extra, book a cheese safari where you’ll get to learn more about the history of some exhibitors while tasting the expert’s favourite cheeses.
Location: Auktionsverket Kulturarena in central Gothenburg.

Falkenberg Food Days (‘Falkenbergs Matdagar’)

TBA 2024
Celebrate the harvest season at a local street fest in Falkenberg. ‘Falkenbergs Matdagar’ gathers food creators, breeders, restaurants and farm shops from the area for two full festival days.
Location: Central Falkenberg, West Sweden.

Food (‘Mat’) in Växjö

TBA 2024
Mat’ is one of the largest food markets in Sweden with some 100 exhibitors and up to 50,000 visitors. It focuses on sustainable and locally produced food, and is a part of the event Food in Småland (‘Mat i Småland’) that takes place in September.
Location: Växjö in Småland.

The Food Tour (‘Matrundan’) in Kronoberg

TBA 2024
Matrundan’ is also a part of the aforementioned ‘Mat i Småland’, and encourages you to visit farm shops and traders, cafés and restaurants in rural areas to support local, small and sustainable food production.
Location: Various places in Kronoberg county.

Öland Harvest Festival (‘Ölands Skördefest’)

25-29 September 2024
Öland Harvest Festival is based on the ancient farmers’ tradition of celebrating Michaelmas, marking the end of the growing season. The festival is symbolised by pumpkins and highlights the island’s fine cuisine, innovative culinary products and art with some 900(!) activities.
Location: All over the island of Öland.

Farm Shop Tour (‘Gårdsbutiksrundan’) in Blekinge

TBA 2024
Get a taste of Blekinge as farm shops and food producers all over the county open up for visitors. You’ll get to taste everything from local cheese and fresh potato to delicacies.
Location: Various places in Blekinge county.

Skåne Food Festival (‘Skånes Matfestival’)

1 June 2024
Come hungry, thirsty and curious – at this festival, you’ll get to taste, eat, discover, experience and learn more about Skåne’s wide range of food and beverage. With a focus on innovation and diversity, Skåne Food Festival attracts foodies and families alike.
Location: Kristianstad in Skåne.

Food trip Österlen (‘Matrundan Österlen’)

9-12 May 2024
Sample food from 47 artisans in southeast Skåne and learn more about local trends and traditions. Visitors can expect great experiences from small-scale producers.
Location: Various places around Österlen, Skåne.

Österlen Wine Festival (‘Smaka Svenska Viner’)

26-27 July 2024
Outdoor festival with 10-12 participating Swedish wineries, held in the lush garden of Skeppar’s winery. You’ll get to try white, red, rosé, orange and sparkling wines and sample food by Swedish celebrity chef Tareq Taylor. Take a wine tasting course or stay until the evening, when there will be a barbecue buffet and live music.
Location: Skeppars vingård in Kivik, Österlen, Skåne.

Kivik Apple Market Festival (‘Äppelmarknaden i Kivik’)

28 September - 13 october 2024
A traditional festival dedicated to apples in all forms – in food, in beverage, even in art. Learn more about the apple, taste and buy products made from Swedish apples and watch the traditional uncovering of the apple painting of the year, a huge painting made of Scanian apples.
Location: Svabesholms Kungsgård in Kivik, Skåne.


Great Swedish Beer Festival in Malmö

TBA 2024
Meet 100 Swedish craft beer breweries, taste a range of different beers and get inspired together with beer lovers from all over the country and beyond.
Location: Slagthuset in central Malmö, Skåne.