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A man on a timber raft in Värmland is looking through his binoculars.
Vildmark i Värmland is a approved by Nature’s Best as an ecotourism operator. One of the unique things that Vildmark i Värmland offers is Timber-rafting. On such an excursion participants first build their own raft from logs and then travel down the river on their raft. The tours can last anything from 1 to 8 days.
Photo credit: Staffan Widstrand/

Timber rafting

Timber rafting is the ultimate slow travel adventure for families and friends.

Timber rafting is a great adventure holiday to explore the Swedish rivers. You can build your own raft, join a tour and camp along the riverbank. .Several activity companies based primarily in Värmland specialise in setting you up with a guide and provisions for a rafting trip lasting anything from one day up to one week.

Where to do it?

The Klarälven river was used for logging up until 1991. But now it’s just plain sailing or rather drifting for timber-rafting enthusiasts who drift down-river past rural villages, thorugh forest and farmland without a care in the world.

DIY raft build

You just need a bit of hard graft to build your raft (or the pampered can get a ready-made one) and off you go a-rafting down the river Huckleberry Finn style.

See and do

This is beaver country. And a river hopping with fish. So bring your binoculars and a fishing rod.

Riverside camping

Nights are spent in a tent on a well-moored raft or on land. Meals consist of provisions you have bought prior to setting out on the journey.


June through to August.