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Vemdalen is a large alpine sports area and resort in Härjedalen that offers a wide variety of activities all year round.
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Snowmobile tours and adventures

Sweden offers a wide range of snowmobiling opportunities, from the far north in Kiruna to our southern winter landscapes. Many ski resorts and larger towns arrange snowmobile tours and rentals, with or without guides. Choose from several types of safari ranging from way-out-there 5-day Arctic Circle safaris, rough terrain mountain safaris, and even family-friendly safaris.

What to expect?

Snowmobile or snow scooter is an accessible mode of transport to get around during the winter season in Sweden. Snowmobile tours can be tailored and can include wilderness lunches, dinner in Sami teepees, saunas, hot tubs, visits to mountain lodges, campfires, ice fishing or just cruising the landscape. You can also rally car, quad and cross bike on ice. Not a bad life.

Some tours suit beginners, but you will need to be in good physical condition and have previous snowmobiling experience for the Arctic Circle and mountain snowmobile safaris if you want to make it to the other end in one piece.

It is also advisable to practice a flexible attitude as hazardous snow conditions or unforeseen circumstances may alter some tour plans. And remember you need a licence if you are in a younger age span. Attending and driving a snowmobile on a tour is still possible though.

Where to snowmobile?

Many ski resorts and larger towns up north of Sweden arrange snowmobile tours and rentals, with or without guides. Here are some places to experience snowmobile tours in Sweden, listed from north to south:


Forget the racy smalls. This is a time for thermal underwear. And pack your swimsuit for sauna and hot tub activity plus a camera if you spot the Northern Lights or reindeer.

Need to know!

The Right of Public Access does not cover snowmobile driving. So, it is not obvious that you may drive one on someone else’s land. It’s best to follow the snowmobile trails and always drive on snow-covered ground without interfering, destroying anything, or otherwise breaking the law. Learn more on how to drive snowmobile in Sweden.