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Views from Sörmlandsleden
Take a moment and enjoy the stunning views from Sörmlandsleden hiking trail, located close to Stockholm.
Photo credit: Karin Reibring

Hiking the Sörmland Trail (Sörmlandsleden)

The Sörmland trail, or Sörmlandsleden, is more than 1000 kilometers long and one of the longest hiking trails in Scandinavia, with many starting points easily accessible by public transport from Stockholm city.

The trail winds through a breath-taking, varied landscape with forests, open landscapes, lakes and coastline. The area surrounding the trail is largely uninhabited, but if you’re lucky you might notice wild animals such as moose or deer keeping you company along the way. Furthermore, there are several historical monuments and nature reserves to explore throughout the trail. Why not pack a tent and stay overnight? Falling asleep under the stars is a memorable experience and you can start your day with a refreshing dip in one of the lakes. If you prefer a softer adventure, the trail is divided into more than 90 sections, ranging between 2 and 21 kilometers, meaning that you adapt the length of the hike depending on how long you’re prepared to walk.   

Sörmlandsleden starting point example near Stockholm: Björkhagen subway station 

Views from Sörmlandsleden

Stunning views from Sörmlandsleden hiking trail.

Photo: Karin Reibring